[acid-jazz] mga: how we flex, live

From: Steve (scatanzaro4_at_cox.net)
Date: 2004-05-21 16:12:22

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    even though the mga is deep in the shed working on it's first "proper"
    release, we took time to put up a few live trax from our last l.a. show,
    recorded direct from 2 track off the board at the temple bar in santa
    monica. this was a good nite as the beautiful cats from 00 Soul (the 8
    piece brotherhood) put everybody in a party mood b4 we hit for some late
    nite bizness.
    first up is "the name of fela will always stand for freedom" by uk
    composer and pianist Jessica Lauren. word from Jessica is that she's
    been refreshed from a backpacking odyssey thru Guatemala and Belize and
    is now mixing a live acoustic album. soon come!!!
    second, for the ladies. "unsatisfied" by me and the honorary sweetheart
    of Watts, Kelli Stanton.
    Musicians on this date include Sy Smith and Dawn Belgrave on vocals,
    Louis Taylor on winds, Stewart Killen on percussion, Stevo Theard on
    drums, F.R.O.G. 1 on the lyrical freestyles, DJ Theory on the Technics,
    special guest musician Jae Deal on bass, and me on rhodes.
    pix will be up soon, and believe me, they are something to see.
    here's the links
    (hi speed users right click to start 128 bps download)
    or if all else fails, get it at
    www.moderngrooveassembly.com <http://www.moderngrooveassembly.com/>
    ps.. out now. mga provides the theme for the flik "shoot or be shot"
    starring William Shatner and Harry Hamlin.. a rugged chunk of jazz funk
    from a session that featured the legendary oscar brashear and hodges,
    james, and smith... pick it up at blockbuster or wait till it comes on
    late night cable.. hint. fast forward to closing credits!!!