[acid-jazz] Futureworldsyncopation: Updates from Beleza-Music.org

From: steph99 (beleza_at_speakeasy.net)
Date: 2004-05-27 00:01:28

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    Hi everyone, bunch of updates on dj99 and all things Beleza,
    based in Philly, bringing you the world:

    Summary for the free-time-impaired:
    * Intimate conversation with Titonton up on Beleza-music.org
    * 99 @ L'Etage, Phila, tonight
    * 99 on WRSU 88.7fm, Rutgers University (www.wrsu.org) Thursday 6:15am
    * 99 @ Big City, Raleigh/Durham, NC & WXDU 88.7fm Fri June 4
    * 99 on WKDU Drexel University: Thanks, Jenn!
    * Puerto Rico: Borinquen, que linda eres!!
    * Detroit, anyone?
    * Chart
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    please let me know of any errors. Thanks!

    An intimate conversation with the brilliant mind of a Titonton Duvante is
    now up on www.beleza-music.org/profiles. How's this for a teaser:

    Welcome to the smoky, sultry, razor-sharp mind of one Titonton Duvante.
    Francophile, mathemetician, and world-travelling, mixer-destroying don of
    Residual Records, his musical history reaches back an easy 15 years into
    the early days of minimal techno, through mazes of drum and bass, and
    emerges out the other side of the wormhole smack in the middle of a cosmic
    intersection of techno, jazz, turntablism, and broken up sliced down
    fractured, splintered beats. Oh, and sex...there's a hella lotta sex.

    Ok, so what the hell does techno have to do with drum and bass, what does
    minimalism have to do with sex, and what does French have to do with Math?
    And how does this all come together in a place like Columbus, Ohio, in a
    guy who is half Ireland and half Ivory Coast? Man, I spent weeks trying to
    figure it out. Walk with me while we scratch the surface...

    And speaking of Irish Afros, Upcoming profile: A quite candid chat with
    Ayro. Soon come!

    Tonight in Philly:
    Talk! with guest 99 @ L'Etage, upstairs from Beau Monde, 6th and Bainbridge
    You know the deal..Good vibes, music, connecting...whatever's hot & right!

    Featuring Edwin spinning QUALITY choice music
    Special Guest this week: DJ 99 [Beleza-music.org] spinnig TOP SHELF dance

    9pm - 2am
    L'etage [6th & Bainbridge]
    Drink Specials!
    Very relaxed non-pretentious vibe.

    Tomorrow morning bright and early on WRSU 88.7fm from Rutgers University:
    So I'm taking the train to New Brunswick and I had to fight the conductor
    (and lost)...you've been there: you have 30 seconds to buy a ticket
    between trains and the machine spits out your cash like sour milk and the
    train is leaving and you run and just make it like Indiana Frickin Jones
    and then you have to pay the extra $5 bucks b/c The System is obviously
    stacked against you and the conductor has heard every story and you're just
    not going to win.

    So I'm getting off the train and this guy comes at me all confrontational
    saying, "I had a ticket. I would have sold it to you." Who is this guy?
    I stare blankly. "What?" "I said I had a ticket. I would have given you
    one." Still baffled. "Well, why didn't you?" "I didn't know you needed
    it." "What? Who are you? Why do you look familiar? What are you doing
    with 2 bags of records?" "I'm Maddtronix. I have a show on WRSU Rutgers.
    Who are you?" "I'm 99. I'm a dj too. I've played up here. Do you know
    so-and-so?" Of course we knew half the same people, I gave him a cd, and
    boom, my Irrational Exuberance mix is going to be played on WRSU, 88.7fm in
    the central Jersey area (www.wrsu.org) around 6:15am. So tune in if you're
    up at such an ungoddessly hour.

    Fri June 4: 99 @ Big City, Raleigh Durham, NC
    Next week I'm off to the dirty south to play with some great new friends.

    My buddy Cooper, the man behind Urban Renewal Records and kick-ass dj who
    just released an amazing mix cd off all original US artists, does a
    fabulous 2-Step/garage/broken night and is having a crew of us hoodlums on
    turntables and instruments start the summer off right. Details below, and
    the following night, I think I am also pitching in on a party to celebrate
    a documentary on Capoeira made by my friend Porangui, a superb DJ and
    percussionist, currently living in Puerto Rico, playing in Osunlade's band,
    and running Yoruba Records while the boss is on the road. It's going to be
    a big, broken, Brazilian bashment in RDU! Joni, Porangui and I are still
    vibrating from 10 days we got to hang out together in Puerto Rico, talking,
    vibing and making music, so the energy is going to be fantastic. If you're
    in the area, peep it. I guarantee it's going to be a blast. I'm also
    hitting Cooper's radio show on WXDU 88.7fm, 8-10pm.

    "After a wonderful time celebrating North Carolina at Big City: Collards
    & BBQ, we at Urban Renewal are proclaiming our love for summertime,
    and what's more summery than house and garage? How about
    brazilian-flavored broken beat and live musicians?

    Urban Renewal Records presents:
    feat. DJs:
    99 (http://www.beleza-music.org, Philadelphia PA)
    Rob Rousseau (The Resonance Project, Raleigh NC)
    Cooper (Urban Renewal Records, WXDU 88.7 FM)

    and instrumentalists!
    Joni Love (http://www.dulcesound.com, NJ)
    The Applejuice Kid (http://www.theapplejuicekid.com)

    See www.beleza-music.org/events for full details.

    Much love to Jenn Louie for having me on her show on WKDU 91.7fm once again
    last night. Always a blast!!! Thanks, Jenn!

    I am still buzzing from 10 UNBELIEVABLE days in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I
    went down there with one acquaintence and a bag of records, and came home
    with an extended family and connections with some of the warmest, hippest
    people I've ever met, and the invigoration of a fantastic, vibrant city
    where everywhere you look is a postcard. I was so honored to play down
    there not once, but twice, at the legendary Candela Bar, and at Gamma
    Soul thrown by Amalgama records, where I opened for Titonton. This trip
    fired mad synapses and there is a long feature for the website and a
    new mix coming out of the inspiration it gave me. I want to say thank
    you so much to Santiago, Nino, Pedro, Porangui, Christina, Carolina,
    Heidi, Manolo, Chucky, Millo, Max, Christian, Pablo and everyone else
    who made me feel completely at home.

    Expect the Philly <--> San Juan connection to strengthen over the coming
    months and years.

    So me and my trusty Toyota are making the trek to Detroit. Who else is
    coming? Hit me up!

    In the box and getting caned:

    MainFrame and Platonic - Future's Oldest Story (Daz I Kue Re-rub) - Sound In Color
    Izzi Dunn - Big Picture Seiji Mix - Fireworks
    Relax, Unwind (Rojas Ricanstruction) - CDR
    'Ear Dis - I Feel - Wunna Dem Ones
    Ayro - Am I Sensing Her - Omoa
    John Tejada and Titonton Duvante - Passing Through (Alex Attias Altitude mix) - Amalgama
    New Sector Movements - Never Gonna Happen - Virgin
    Blue Eyez - Welcome - Unisex
    Caminando - Local 12 and friends - CDR
    Salome De Bahia - Taj Mahal - Yellow
    John Arnold - Cabin Fever - Ubiquity
    Archtype - ? - CDR
    Sumo - Stay (Sumo's Vibe Bounce) - Sfere
    Directions - Have You Felt This Way Before - Diaspora
    Iguassu - Ordinary Day - CDR
    The Underground (QM mix) - K-Boogie and Ra-Ceer - Cosmic Sofa
    Sirius B - Samba Selvagem - Freestyle
    Mo Horizons - ...And The New Bohemian Freedom - Stereo Deluxe

    Until next time, much love,

        In the Northeast, rhythm is God dehydrated. - Tom Zé
      Quem te mostrou a beleza Who taught you the beauty
    De dançar dentro da briga? Of dancing within the fight?