[acid-jazz] Design + Music - Tyler Askew. Kindred Spirits & Machine. @ post. www.post.fm

From: Chan, Kok Tiong (kt.chan_at_hp.com)
Date: 2004-09-03 11:50:24

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    Design + Music 1 - Tyler Askew.
    Graphic designer, DJ, Straight No Chaser columnist, here's Tyler Askew
    before his set in Singapore. He converses about his design pilgrimage to
    London, rebellious music, the bible of Chaser and typography.

    "... the artwork is often times the first impression for a piece of
    music. I've bought many a record on
    the strength of the sleeve. At the same token, I've slept on some good
    stuff because it had terrible
    cover art. I wish the relationship between the two were more valued."

    Design + Music 2 - Kindred Spirits & Machine.
    Music label Kindred Spirits has been responsible for the most quality
    jazzy cuts and beautiful album covers. Artistes and remixers include
    Build An Ark, Peven Everett, IG Culture, Kirk Degiorgio, King Britt and
    Carl Craig.
    Peruse the adventurous exploits of founder KC and album cover designers
    Machine here.
    get yours @ www.post.fm <http://www.post.fm>