[acid-jazz] Tunes from the Missing Channel

From: Mark Turner (nugroove_at_pacbell.net)
Date: 2004-09-05 21:12:31

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    Dear friends,

    This afternoon it is my great pleasure to be your host for a four-hour
    radio special on the On-U Sound label and its influential owner/producer,
    Adrian Sherwood. It's fair to say that Sherwood is one of a small minority
    of artists whose innovative work almost warrants a genre classification
    unto itself. Starting out at the intersection of punk and reggae in the
    late 70's, Sherwood's work has touched on and blended a variety of musical
    styles including reggae, blues, funk, industrial, worldbeat, and more, all
    enhanced with an unmistakable dub production style that can only be
    described as the "On-U" sound.

    I hope you will join me today for "Tunes from the Missing Channel," a
    selection of highlights and personal favorites from Adrian Sherwood's 25+
    year recording career. Adrian himself will be phoning in for a live
    interview during the program, and talking about his upcoming live
    appearances in San Francisco, the first going down tonight at Dub Mission
    (www.dubmissionsf.com), and the second on Sept. 16, with a re-formed
    Tackhead at The Independent (www.theindependentsf.com).

    It all kicks off at 3PM Pacific Time on KFJC, 89.7 FM in the SF Bay Area,
    and www.kfjc.org for everyone else. Cheers!

    Mark Turner/DJ Rocky Rococo