[acid-jazz] Event review: Theo Parrish at the Electric Chair, Mcr, UK

From: Jon Freer (jon-freer_at_excite.com)
Date: 2004-09-07 23:37:32

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    The Music Box spent most of August shut for apparently ‘vital maintenance’. It seems the total of this late summer spring clean was to shunt the cloakroom into a corner of the main room, add a snazzy lighting arrangement to the bar and to install air conditioning, which slightly reduced the temperature on the main dancefloor. The Music Box may not be the most aesthetically appealing or cosy Mancunian venue even with these improvements, but many punters are understandably willing to pay a comfort-related sacrifice for nights like the Unabomber’s outstanding monthly executions. Musically ear- opening and atmospherically breathtaking as ever, this night did not disappoint.

    Theodore R Parrish, Detroit-based maverick producer and spinner, is physically quite an imposing figure, especially to those who know his musical track record and commitment to speaking his mind. However, on chatting to Theo, it becomes obvious he’s an approachable, relaxed guy, who just has strong views on certain topics and is committed to following his own ‘Sound Signature’. As a DJ he crosses many bridges and mixes up styles in a refreshing manner. When quizzed about his plans for the evening, Theo’s answer was simple, “just gonna get up and play my sh*t”, and that he most certainly did. A chorus of encouraging whistles accompanied his ascent to the decks, and he took over the reigns after the Unabomber’s soul-touched and disco-influenced warm-up. Theo span a disco-inspired set, with jazzified trimmings and Housed up extra’s like House Master Boyz’s rousing “House Nation”. He dropped one of the tracks from his own Ugly Edits #7 12”, an emotion drenched discoid cut !
     where an unaccredited vocalist attempts to communicate the pain of heartache and give their lover an ultimatum regarding possible infidelity. The energy, emotional power and excitement of this record summed up Theo’s entire performance. The fact that the source of the music and vocals remain unknown is irrelevant, and the track in question and Theo’s set went down a treat with those packed onto the dancefloor.

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