[acid-jazz] Lime Sorbet – MadameFLY –Thursday 9.9.04

From: Christina Long (info_at_citrona.net)
Date: 2004-09-09 22:45:19

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    Lime Sorbet – MadameFLY –Thursday 9.9.04

     Tonight our guest is the ever so gracious MadameFLY.
    So relax and enjoy this sensual yet eclectic journey of music.

    Program note: Next week is in question again due to another storm
    our state. We made it through Frances but with a great deal of tree
    loss on the island. Power loss was about 36 hours.
    Many others on the island still without power.

    Remember, new mixes will not be available until after 9:00pm each Thurs.
    The previous mix will be available until that time.



    * * * Available after 9:00 pm EST * * *

    9.9.04 ----- Playlist ---- MadameFLY ---

    Lime Sorbet (79:53)


    1. Ó Gente Da Minha Terra: Mariza

    2. Luna Llena: B-Tribe

    3. Clarao De Lua: Gerd high, wide and wonderful!

    4. Annanas: Tosca Suzuki

    5. Azulee: Shantel Dubterreanean-Roots and Beyond

    6. The Name of the Wave: William Orbit / Christine Leach Hinterland

    07. Turtleneck: Afternoons in Stereo Aural Pleasure (unreleased)

    08. Makes you Extatic: The Tao of Groove paris jazz mission

    09. A Bird's Party: Protassov Fantastic Freeriding

    10. Zodiac: 3 foot people Inside Scandinavia

    11. Tanto Faz (TM Juke Mix): Maga Bo Brazilectro Latin Flavoured

    12. Media Luna: Chambao Flamenco Chill - CD 1

    13. Postales: Frederico Aubele Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

    14. Sereno: The NonMaterial Vs. Marc Amade Brazilectro Latin Flavoured

    16. Chez Roger Boite Funk: Thievery Corporation The Outernational Sound

    17. Amor de verão remix: Drumagick city of god remixed

    18. Você Gosta [I Know What You Like]: Suba Sao Paulo Confessions

    19. Esta Noche: Frederico Aubele Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

    20. Ode To Dolores Del Rio: B-Tribe