[acid-jazz] Tonight: FreeFall #217 - Playlist & preview

From: David Bassin (bassyd_at_pacbell.net)
Date: 2004-09-21 09:42:57

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    Just when I thought I'd have nothing interesting
    to write about, I discovered several new albums
    that proved to be inspirational...

    Sketchie: Rain By High Lantern - a dark,
    brooding, percussive work that echoes some of DJ
    Shadow and The Broadway Project's best moments.
    Lots of drama and dynamics (and that's a good

    Junior Boys: Last Exit - if Pole and Brian Wilson
    went out for coffee, you might have some idea of
    what Last Exit is all about. Electro-pop that
    occasionally borders on twee, but that is
    generally thoughtful and well-written, with beats
    and melodies that are sparse and effective.

    Afrika Bambaataa: Dark Matter Moving At The Speed
    Of Light - the Godfather of electro-booty-bass is
    back with a kick-ass collection of jams that had
    me sliding around my kitchen in my socks dancing
    inna old-skool stylee. Bam may not be the
    greatest rapper, but he lays down some totally
    funky shit on this disc. There's a smokin'
    version of "Soul Makossa" and Gary Numan guests
    on one track - what more can you ask for?

    The dZihan & Kamien Orchestra: Live In Vienna -
    originally released nearly a year ago in Europe,
    this recording captures a super set by the
    Austrian duo, who are ably supported by a
    20-piece orchestra. Expanding the original
    compositions to accommodate strings and brass
    give them a big, big sound that becomes
    positively cinematic.

    Roy Davis Jr.: Water For Thirsty Children - a
    classy slice of jazz-funk from Chicago's Roy
    Davis Jr., that offers up some choice downtempo
    and hip-hop'd joints, in addition to housey dance
    floor anthems.

    Toss in a bunch of new singles and tickets for
    the Ayro / Joseph Malik show, along with several
    pair for this weekend's SF Blues Festival and you
    have the ingredients for tonight's broadcast. I
    hope you'll tune in....!

    Ciao for now,

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    111 Laidley St.
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    Last week's playlist and rebroadcast available online now:

    FreeFall 216: 9.14.04
    Subtle - F.K.O. (B. Fleischman Rmx) - 12" (Lex)
    Ame - Sun Sugar - Ame (Sonar Kollektiv)
    Present Sense - Awakening - 12" (Archive)
    Omni Trio - Night Train - Rogue Satellite (Scale)
    DJ Krush - Road To Nowhere - Jaku (Red Ink)
    DJ Harry - All My Life - Collision (Sci Fidelity)
    7 Samurai - Save Deir Soulz - 12" (G.A.M.M.)
    Nicola Conte - Nefertiti - Other Directions (Schema)
    The Bad Plus - And Here We Test Our Powers Of Observation - Give (Columbia)
    Brad Mehldau - Things Behind The Sun - Live In Tokyo (Nonesuch)
    Javi P3z Orquesta - Ping Pong - Sports (Hitop)
    Medeski, Martin + Wood - End Of The World Party -
    End Of The World Party (Blue Note)
    J. Walter Negro + The Loose Joints - Shoot The Pump - 12" (Zoo York)
    Dynamo Productions - Casbah (The Katalyst Rmx) - New Testament Of Funk (Unique)
    M83 - Run Into Flowers - Dead Cities, Red Seas, + Lost Ghosts (Mute)
    Tackhead - The Game - 12" (4th + Broadway)
    Momma Gravy - Diamonds + Dimebags - Adios (Different Drummer)
    Kool Keith - Diesel Truckin' - Diesel Truckers (Threshold)
    Bill Laswell - Babylon Site - Version 2 Version: A Dub Transmission (Roir)
    Roy Ayers Ubiquity - No Question - A Tear To A Smile (Polydor)
    Fertile Ground - You - Black Is (Blackout Studios)
    Josee - U Should b - Lost Souls Dancing (Intertia)
    Lop Nor - Eclipse - 41°30ŽN 88°30ŽE (ecco.chamber)
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