[acid-jazz] Philly/world: Beleza Music news

From: steph99 (beleza_at_speakeasy.net)
Date: 2004-09-21 22:03:13

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    Hi all, Steph99 here delivering all the news that's fit to print about Beleza
    Music. This month's theme is "99 Goes to Washington," with an Indy Media
    benefit a couple weeks ago, voter registration park party, and the construction
    of a community radio station. Also, lurvely new music from North Carolina's
    Research Triangle area and a jam at La Tazza!

    DJ Silvaback on los unos y doses, news from the Carolinas
    We'll get the non-Philly stuff out of the way for you worldwide readers. Hit up
    http://www.beleza-music.org/trackssets for Silvaback's Broke On the Floor vol 2
    mix. The Chapel Hill vinyl junkie's mission with this series is to prove to
    naysayers that broken beat IS NOT DOWNTEMPO! That bears repeating, but I'll let
    his dancefloor-friendly, high quality blending speak for itself.

    While we're on the subject of the Research Triangle, you gotta check out 2

    The Apple Juice Kid - Plus+
    I can't stop listening to it. Obsessively. On this cd of all original songs,
    jazz drummer Stephen Levitin has put together a mix of ultra-slow dub, chipper
    live drum and bass drumming, compelling hip hop and trip hop, and even a touch
    of sensitive indie rock vocals. The mix is fresh, unexpected, and fluid. And
    the thing is, these aren't tracks...they are fully developed, sophisticated
    songs. I miss that. It's SO good. http://www.theapplejuicekid.com

    Urban Renewal Records: Transatlantic Bass
    Another cd of all original ish from some the tightest Stateside producers of UK
    garage, named after the legendary yearly Winter Music Conference party, and
    brought to you by the good folks at Durham's Urban Renewal Records. Relentless
    pummelling of big, big beats. Undeniable! You can buy the cd and read the
    review blurbs (including my goofy wordage) at Groovedis
    (http://www.groovedis.com), CDBaby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/transatlantic), and
    other fine purveyors. Full info at http://www.urbanrenewalrecords.com

    Sat Sept 25 - REPRESENT: Beats You Can Vote To
    Malcolm X Park, 52st & Pine, West Philadelphia
    For those in the US, I don't have to tell you how close and important this
    election is, but man, you can only go to so many protests and express so much
    outrage before you just wanna kick back and enjoy life. How about both?

    REPRESENT: A Real Political Party
    The Represent team, a diverse group of young, concerned citizens, joins forces
    with Beleza Music, Driving Votes, Swing the State, Urban Voters Campaign, Young
    Voter Alliance and Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell to celebrate Philadelphia's
    commitment to democracy. On Saturday September 25, 2004 from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m.
    citizens of Philadelphia will dance for democracy. People of all colors and ages
    are invited to Malcolm X Park to celebrate the right to vote, redeem political
    power and ensure all votes are cast in November.

    An incredible line up of DJs including New York's DJ Ras and DJ Tabu, Phillee
    Blunt of Philadelphia's Illvibe Collective, Joni Love, and 99 will electrify the
    park. As party-goers dance in the sun, the Represent team and partners will
    distribute registration forms and be on-hand to answer voting-related questions.

    Philadelphia Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell will say a few words at 4pm, and
    other speakers will be getting the masses pumped for the elections throughout
    the day. If you would like to get involved in any way, please get in touch.
    Some of the participating organizations will be training volunteers that morning
    in the park to get people registered, so if you're interested in helping out,
    come by around 10ish. If that's not your bag but you still want to help, write
    back and we'll see if we can put you to work one way or another.

    If you are not already, GET YOUR BUTT REGISTERED! And VOTE, dammit!

    See http://www.represent04.org
    Full press release at http://www.beleza-music.org/events

    Community Radio Barnraising in Portsmouth, NH - ON THE AIR!
    2 weekends ago I had the distinct pleasure of slinging a screwdriver for 106.1
    WSCA-LPFM, Portsmouth, NH, supported by the Prometheus Radio Project, based
    right here in West Philadelphia. Prometheus is an amazing organization,
    fighting, well actually, winning the battle to keep airwaves in the hands of,
    like, people, instead of profit-crazy robots. Novel concept! Prometheus is a
    mosquito buzzing around the FCC's head, tailing their every move, collecting up
    to 3 million public comments on evil proposals and bills, and even winning a
    lawsuit against the government which stays some massive media deregulation rules
    that the FCC had planned.

    In addition to their legal activism, they also do these "barnraisings"...
    weekend-long events where people from all over gather to get a low-power radio
    station on the air. About 175 people with talents as diverse as transmitter
    building, news writing, djing, cooking, carpentry, computer geekery, and
    volunteer organizing, gathered in Portsmouth for a weekend of hammering,
    soldering, server-building, antenna-lifting, floor-sleeping, vegan feasting,
    dancing, and a LOT of teaching and learning. And you know what? 7pm on Sunday
    night, WSCA flipped the switch and went on the air! Now, that is amazing. And
    now 100 fully legal watts of airwaves in Portsmouth, NH have something good to
    listen to instead of the sterile, mass-produced, cotton-candy crap on the rest
    of the dial. Ha! Take THAT! And peep this: http://www.prometheusradio.org -

    99 & Sezy @ La Tazza Fri Oct 1
    This just in: Myself and the super amazing DJ Sezy will be taking over La Tazza
    on Fri Oct 1. More info on the way. Come down and wish Sezy good luck as she
    prepares to join 59 other musical geniuses (including Philly's own Lil Dave!!!)
    in Rome for the super-prestigious Red Bull Music Academy!!!

    That should keep you busy for a little while. Until next time...

        In the Northeast, rhythm is God dehydrated. - Tom Zé
      Quem te mostrou a beleza / De dançar dentro da briga?
     Who taught you the beauty / Of dancing within the fight?