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From: Ennio Styles (stylin_at_modalforces.com)
Date: 2004-09-23 14:28:35

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    STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions
    Friday afternoons 12-2pm RRR 102.7FM, Melbourne
    Live online - http://www.rrr.org.au/index2.htm (see below for times)

    Hello all

    Another solo flight for me on last week's show, but I'll be more than happy to relinquish the turntables tomorrow if Belgian techno maestro Fabrice Lig manages to stay awake long enough (after a very early flight into Melbourne) to drop in with some tunes.

    until then
    Ennio Styles

    ***** COMING UP ON STYLIN *****
    Friday 24 September - Fabrice Lig (Belgium)
    Friday 1 October - DJ Zeph (US)

    In the pipeline - Declan Kelly, Dabrye, Richard Campbell, Mitch, Phunk de Sonique, Jnett

    ***** STYLIN 155 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 17 SEPTEMBER 2004 *****
    Title - Artist (Label/Australian Distributor (if known))
    1. days & daze - romanowski (futureprimitive sound/aztec)
    2. back home - mustang (compost/creative vibes)
    3. 10,000 leagues deeper - mustang feat bembe segue (compost/creative vibes)
    4. waning moon - nicola conte feat bembe segue (blue note)
    5. so tired - akiko (verve japan)
    6. beautiful giants - liquid loop (perfect toy)
    7. every goodbye - eddie roberts (one note)
    8. on this day
    9. spilled milk - joy jones (cdr)
    10. beautiful babies - plantlife (counterflow/creative vibes)
    11. feel (spacek remix) - george duke (mps)
    12. asayake beat no 3 - asayake production (high contrast)
    13. dwyck (dr rubberfunk's latin playa remix) - gang starr (soundly beaten)
    14. the uh-huh - the pharcyde (chapter one)
    15. only feat 17mc's (but really just one) - insight (bad news)
    16. change the style - son of bazerk (soul)
    17. negative ion (sa-ra remix) - dj mitsu the beats (planet groove)
    18. all night - ali shaheed muhammad feat wallace gary (ryko/stomp)
    19. pimpnosis - soil & pimp sessions (jvc)
    20. doombap (crate soul brothers remix) - forms of plasticity (universal jazz)
    21. planet birth (trüby trio remix) - intuit (compost/creative vibes)
    22. take it easy my brother charles - the ipanema set (club brasil)
    23. la diabla - magnetic 4 (cinedelic)
    24. ronaldo - peshay (cubik/stomp)

    For previous playlists, go to http://rrr.org.au/stylin

    ***** ENNIO STYLES EVENTS *****
    Every Thursday - Open Sesame at Honkytonks w/ Kano + guest DJs, dancers &
      Thursday 23 September w/ Ian Chaplin (sax, percussion)
      Thursday 30 September - nothing but E&K presha!
      Thursday 21 October w/ Mark Rae (UK)
    Friday 1 October @ Cookie w/ Amber Tripp
    Friday 8 October @ The Prince w/ Thievery Corporation (US)
    Saturday 16 October - Local People party @ First Floor with Kano, Lanu, Grantham and Benjamin Tobias
    Thursday 18 November - Jazz Bop vs Hip Hop Festival w/ Quantic Soul Orchestra (UK) feat the Bamboos, Steinski (US), The Nextmen (UK), Quantic (UK), Alice Russell (UK), Russ Dewbury (UK), DJ Signify (US), Dynamite MC (UK)
    http://www.eslmusic.com (Thievery Corporation)
    http://www.grandcentralrecords.co.uk (Mark Rae)
    http://www.jazzbop.co.uk (Russ Dewbury)
    http://www.tru-thoughts.co.uk/?page=artists/artist.html&aid=30ice Russell)


    Ebatulé (Ennio Styles Samba Funk Remix) - Belladonna
    From 2LP/CD "Sister Bossa Vol 5" (Irma, Italy, 2004)
    Also features Max Sedgley remixed by Spiritual South
    Info, sound samples, online orders: http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemID=139193

    Italian Underground - Various (compiled by Ennio Styles & Level Two Music)
    CD album (NGV/Level Two, Australia, 2004)
    The new wave of jazz from Italy, to accompany the National Gallery of Victoria's collection of Italian art. Featuring music from Nicola Conte, Gerardo Frisina, Alien Army and the Ennio Styles remix of Belladonna.
    Info and online orders:

    Set for Seizure (Ennio Styles Remix) - Daniel Magg
    From 12" (Compost, Germany, 2003)
    Also features remixes by: Anthony Nicholson, Wagon Cookin
    Info: http://www.compost-rec.com/sections/labels/cpt_arti/magg.php3#set
    Sound sample: http://www.limelight-records.fr/listen/stream.php?ref=COMPOST129-1_B2

    Cubano Chant (Ennio Styles Remix) - SHQ
    From 2LP/CD "Cosmic Sounds Remixed" (Cosmic Sounds, UK, 2003)
    Also features remixes by: Nicola Conte, Eddy & Dus, Panoptikum, Zeljko Kerleta, Gak Sato, Crate Soul Brothers, BGYSS
    Info: http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-28/cs-28.htm
    Sound sample: http://www.cosmic.f9.co.uk/MP3s/cs28ennio.mp3

    Psybossa - Ennio Styles & Lanu
    From 12" "Local People EP 001" (Local People, Australia, 2002)
    Also features: Suburban Lights, Benjamin Tobias feat Wolfgramm
    Sound sample: http://www.vinyl-junkies.co.uk/samples/VJ6107_1.ram

    Other-Worldly Fusions - Various (compiled by Ennio Styles & Kano)
    CD album (Hardware, Australia, 2002)
    Interplanetary jazz beats and rhythms with rare and unreleased music from Pablo, Hajime Yoshizawa, Volker Meitz, Plutonic Lab & RuCL, Russ Gabriel, The Bamboos, Fragment Orchestra, Gotan Project, Joanna Law, Wagon Cookin and Swell Session. Crazy dope cover art by Kano.
    Available online: http://www.shock.com.au/releases/info.asp?release_ID=116344
    Sound samples: http://www.groovedis.com/lp/various/other-wordlyfusion/other-wordlyfusion.asp

    Ennio Styles productions and remixes have also featured on these compilations:
    Melbourne: The City, The Sex, The Music (Petrol, Australia, 2004)
    Longrain Music 2 (Instinctive Travels, Australia, 2003)
    Forus Supreme Colors (Soul Source/Aosis, Japan, 2003)
    Moonlight Recordings Vol 3 (Warner, Australia, 2002)
    Passport for Travellers (So Dens, Spain, 2002)

    These releases have been supported by Straight No Chaser magazine, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, Rainer Trüby, Nicola Conte, Michael Rütten, Recloose, Patrick Forge, BNX, Cliffy and many more around the globe. Thank you all!


    To find out what time Stylin is on in your town, go to

    Last time I checked, these times were right:
    Adelaide - Fri 1130am-130pm
    Auckland - Fri 2-4pm
    Berlin - Fri 4-6am
    Caracas - Thurs 10pm-12am
    Hong Kong - Fri 10am-12pm
    London - Fri 3-5am
    New York - Thurs 9-11pm
    Oslo - Fri 4-6am
    Paris - Fri 4-6am
    Perth - Fri 10am-12pm
    San Francisco - Thurs 6-8pm
    Singapore - Fri 10am-12pm
    Stockholm - Fri 4-6am
    Tokyo - Fri 11am-1pm

    Want to send music? Try here:

    Ennio Styles
    PO Box 1055
    Fitzroy North VIC 3068

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