[acid-jazz] Stylin 198 w/ Bembe Segue

From: Ennio Styles (stylin_at_modalforces.com)
Date: 2005-08-03 14:47:21

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    STYLIN - Rare grooves, hi-tech jazz and other worldly fusions
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    Hello all

    The QuantumLounge mainframe has been brought back to life, so check the site for Stylin 196 & 197.

    This report is for Stylin 198 which should be online soon too. Some phone and hotel problems, as well as the fact that she was just about to go for soundcheck, almost conspired against me bringing you the interview with Bembe Segue. Stylin regulars would have picked up that I'm quite a fan, having named her alongside Jill Scott as one of my favourite vocalists of 2004, the year in which she had 2 tunes in my best of the year (Sleepwalker's 'Into the Sun' and Mark de Clive-Lowe's 'State of the Mental'). As the interview revealed, part of the reason for her unique rapid-syllable singing style comes from her background as a rapper.

    Collaborations, she's had plenty: IG Culture, Nicola Conte, Ty, Mark de Clive-Lowe, 4 Hero, Bugz in the Attic, Alex Attias, Sleepwalker, Silhouette Brown, Da Lata, 2 Banks of Four and more. She assures us that her debut solo album is in the works, but given that she is using a 14-piece band, it's not proving a simple exercise. I was also happy to hear her confirm what we heard from Kyoto Jazz Massive's Shuya Okino: that she is performing a vocal version of Sleepwalker's classic 'Ai-No-Kawa' (with lyrics by Patrick Forge) with the band themselves. They will also record a studio version of KJM's 'Eclipse', which should be incredible based on the live version Shuya played for us when he was in Melbourne.

    So I can't believe my luck that Bembe's visiting Melbourne to perform. She plays Open Sesame at Honkytonks on Thursday with Mark de Clive-Lowe handling decks, MPC and keys, Lance Ferguson aka Lanu on guitar, plus some added live drums. This will definitely be a performance to check. Hope to see you there.

    until then
    Ennio Styles

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    ::::: COMING UP ON STYLIN :::::
    In the pipeline - Jnett, Jmix, Chris Gill, Future World Funk
    ::::: STYLIN 198 - PLAYLIST - FRIDAY 29 JULY 2005 :::::
    Artist - Title (Label/Australian Distributor (if known))
    01. notorious b.i.g. v frank sinatra - juicy/new york new york
    02. 7 samurai - marlies & marcus (gamm)
    03. michel benita - this is the moment (le disques deluxe)
    04. re:jazz - donaueschingen (swell session remix) (infracom/creative vibes)
    05. marcelo d2 - a procura da batida perfeita (sao benitez remix) (mr bongo/inertia)
    06. concha buika - jodida pero contenta (dro atlantic)
    07. reggie dokes - men of spirit (psychostasia)
    08. boom bap project feat gift of gab - wyle out (rhymesayers)
    09. pharcyde/j-star - (still) passin me by (j-star)
    10. dj c & quality diamond - let it billie (dancehall mix) (scandal bag)
    11. lauryn hill - doo wop (jay soul remix) (cdr)
    12. 7 samurai - brothers (gamm)
    13. cookin on 3 burners - cressy st breakdown (knowfoowl/creative vibes)
    14. sleepwalker feat bembe segue - into the sun (especial)
    15. mark de clive-lowe feat bembe segue - naima (american rag cie)
    16. ty feat bembe segue - groovement (big dada/inertia)
    17. bembe segue - mother of the future (live at the jazz cafe) (cdr)
    18. alex attias feat bembe segue - 10,000 leagues deeper (compost/creative vibes)
    19. domu - let me be (mark de clive-lowe remix) (neroli)
    20. bakura - bada (especial)
    For previous playlists, go to http://www.rrr.org.au/stylin
    ::::: ENNIO STYLES EVENTS :::::
    Thursday 4 August - Open Sesame @ Honkytonks w/ Mark de Clive-Lowe (UK/NZ), Bembe Segue (UK), Kano
    Friday 5 August @ Taxi
    Monday 8 August @ Transit Lounge
    Thursday 11 August - Open Sesame @ Honkytonks w/ Nathan McLay (Future Classic, Sydney), Kano
    Friday 12 August @ Taxi
    Sunday 14 August @ Alumbra w/ Angela Librandi (live), Jason Digby
    Monday 15 August @ Transit Lounge
    Thursday 19 August - Open Sesame @ Honkytonks w/ Declan Kelly (Research & Development/Tempo Perdido), Kano. Launch for Niceproduce online clothing store.
    Friday 19 August @ Taxi
    Sunday 21 August @ Alumbra w/ Angela Librandi (live), DJ Jorj
    Monday 22 August @ Transit Lounge
    Thursday 25 August - Open Sesame @ Honkytonks w/ Velure (live), Deepchild (Sydney), Lanu, Kano. Launch for Amnesty Freedom Festival 05 CD with giveaways.
    Friday 26 August @ Taxi
    Saturday 27 August - Bust a Nut @ First Floor w/ Kano
    Monday 29 August @ Transit Lounge
    Saturday 3 September - Dicey @ Murmur w/ Simon Bajada
    Thursday 8 September - Open Sesame @ Honkytonks w/ Domu (UK), Kano
    Friday 23 September - Amnesty International Australia Freedom Festival w/ Ursula Rucker (US), Ben Mono (Germany) & more
    Thursday 6 October - Open Sesame @ Honkytonks w/ Ben Mono (Germany), Kano
    http://www.transporthotel.com.au (Taxi/Transit Lounge)
    http://www.dom-uniqueproductions.co.uk (Domu)
    Zouk - Ennio Styles
    From "Version Excursion" 12" & CD (Counterpoint, UK, 2005)
    Also features remixes from Beyond There, Yam Who, Les Gammas and Beatfanatic.
    Am I the Same Girl (Local People Remix) - Barbara Acklin
    Edited version on CD "Soul Source Remixed Fevers" (Soul Source, Japan, 2005)
    Full remix coming soon. Also features remixes by Joey Negro, Dimitri from Paris, Toshio Matsuura, Yukihiro Fukutomi, Rasmus Faber, Eddy & Yannah, Danny Krivit and David Morales.
    Sound samples at http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/166520-01.htm
    Ebatulé (Ennio Styles Samba Funk Remix) - Belladonna
    From 12" "Brazilian Beat/Ebatulé" (Irma, Italy, 2005)
    Info, sound samples, online orders: http://www.soulseduction.com/common/item_detail.php?ItemCode=B181120
    Quem Vai Devolver Meu Dia (Ennio Styles Remix) - A Bossa Elétrica
    From 12" "Skindo LeLe/Quem Vai Devolver Meu Dia" (Raw Fusion, Sweden, 2004)
    Also features remix by S.U.M.O.
    Sound sample at http://www.rhythmandsoul.com.au/rs/viewmedia.do?mediumID=12812
    Local People - Various Artists
    CD (Local People, Australia, 2004)
    Worldwide release coming soon. 3 tracks featuring Ennio Styles, plus more from Lanu, Benjamin Tobias and Suburban Lights.
    Sound samples at http://www.localpeoplerecords.com/listen.html
    Italian Underground - Various (compiled by Ennio Styles & Level Two Music)
    CD album (NGV/Level Two, Australia, 2004)
    The new wave of jazz from Italy, to accompany the National Gallery of Victoria's collection of Italian art. Featuring music from Nicola Conte, Gerardo Frisina, Alien Army and the Ennio Styles remix of Belladonna.
    Info and online orders:
    https://apps.ngv.vic.gov.au/shop/shopItem.do?action=load&itemID=46Set for Seizure (Ennio Styles Remix) - Daniel Magg
    From 12" (Compost, Germany, 2003)
    Also features remixes by: Anthony Nicholson, Wagon Cookin
    Info: http://www.compost-rec.com/sections/labels/cpt_arti/magg.php3#set
    Sound sample: http://www.limelight-records.fr/listen/stream.php?ref=COMPOST129-1_B2
    Cubano Chant (Ennio Styles Remix) - SHQ
    From 2LP/CD "Cosmic Sounds Remixed" (Cosmic Sounds, UK, 2003)
    Also features remixes by: Nicola Conte, Eddy & Dus, Panoptikum, Zeljko Kerleta, Gak Sato, Crate Soul Brothers, BGYSS
    Info: http://cosmicsounds-london.com/label/cs-28/cs-28.htm
    Sound sample: http://www.cosmic.f9.co.uk/MP3s/cs28ennio.mp3
    Other-Worldly Fusions - Various (compiled by Ennio Styles & Kano)
    CD album (Hardware, Australia, 2002)
    Interplanetary jazz beats and rhythms with rare and unreleased music from Pablo, Hajime Yoshizawa, Volker Meitz, Plutonic Lab & RuCL, Russ Gabriel, The Bamboos, Fragment Orchestra, Gotan Project, Joanna Law, Wagon Cookin and Swell Session. Crazy dope cover art by Kano.
    Available online: http://www.shock.com.au/releases/info.asp?release_ID=116344
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    Ennio Styles productions and remixes have also featured on these compilations:
    Jugglin with Raw Fusion (Creative Vibes, Australia, 2005)
    Scandinavian Style (Rambling, Japan, 2005)
    Melbourne: The City, The Sex, The Music (Petrol, Australia, 2004)
    Longrain Music 2 (Instinctive Travels, Australia, 2003)
    Forus Supreme Colors (Soul Source/Aosis, Japan, 2003)
    Moonlight Recordings Vol 3 (Warner, Australia, 2002)
    Passport for Travellers (So Dens, Spain, 2002)
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