[acid-jazz] [list] Playlist: FreeFall #263 - Tonight: four-hour special!

From: David Bassin (bassyd_at_pacbell.net)
Date: 2005-08-09 09:22:24



    Yes, it's true: I'm sitting in again for Harry D tonight and will be
    spinning two hours of jazz, blues and soul, before segueing into our
    regular 10-midnight collection of beats, rhythm & sound on FreeFall.

    My living room floor is covered in piles of CDs under consideration
    for this evening and include, the first known recording of Dizzy
    Gillespie and Charlie Parker performing together (the "birth of
    bebop"), a preview of Shaun Escoffery's new album (out in September),
    a surprisingly great new disc from Germany's Subotnik, sassy Shemekia
    Copeland, Afro-beat from Mali's Amadou & Mariam, Wayne Shorter
    recorded live in concert and much, much more.

    I hope you'll join me beginning at 8pm Pacific Time / 11pm if you're back east.

    Ciao for now,

    If you'd like to submit music for consideration on FreeFall, the
    mailing address is:

    David Bassin / FreeFall
    111 Laidley St.
    San Francisco, CA 94131

    Last week's playlist and rebroadcast available online now:

    FreeFall 262: 8.2.05
    Human League - Being Boiled - The Very Best Of..(Caroline)
    Ari Up - Me Done - Dread More Than Dead (Collision)
    Bennie Maupin & Patrick Gleeson - Riverside Drive - Driving While
    Black (Intuition)
    Lalo Schifrin - Ice Pick Mike - Bullitt OST (Aleph)
    Mpfo Skeef - Comin' For Ya - 12" (Phuture Lounge)
    Slow Supreme - Shake It Baby - Music Under Pressure (Jazid Collective)
    Treva Whateva - Breakfast Of Champions / Dedicated VIP - Music's Made
    Of Memories (Ninja Tune)
    Boozoo Bajou - Take It Slow - Dust My Broom (K7)
    Beatfanatic - Pete's Funk - The Gospel According To....(Soundscape)
    Beth Custer Interview:
    Beth Custer Ensemble - Condoleeza's On The Phone - Respect As A Religion (BC)
    Clarinet Thing - Fired Manager Blues - Agony Pipes & Misery Sticks (BC)
    Beth Custer Ensemble - The General Of Godeus - Respect As A Religion (BC)
    Clarinet Thing - The Lips That Kissed The Paper - Agony Pipes &
    Misery Sticks (BC)
    Beth Custer Ensemble - Empire Of The United States - Respect As A Religion (BC)
    Dwight Trible - The 10th Jewel - Love Is The Answer (Ninja Tune)
    Zuco 103 - Futebol - Whaa!! (Six Degrees)
    Yam Who - Wrap You Up (Rework) - 12" (Ubiquity)
    Mossyrock - Lips That Hurt - The Zero To One Sessions (nice+smooth)
    Megablast - Jubita (Fauna Flash Rmx) - 12" (La Rosiere)
    As One -This Precious Life - Elegant Systems (Versatile)
    Scallymatic Orchestra - Autumn Forest Song (Buruman Rmx) - 12" (Flyin' High)
    Attica Blues - Deeper - Test. Don't Test (Sony)
    Nobody - Jose De La Rues!!! - And Everything Else....(Plug Research)

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