[acid-jazz] BrokeN'Beat Radio AMALGAMA RECORDS Special

From: Argo (argo_at_speakeasy.net)
Date: 2005-08-15 23:20:14

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    This week is a guestmix from our friends Santiago and Ramon from
    Amalgama Records, hittin you with the broken latin goodness straight
    out of Puerto Rico. Exclusive biz from the artists on their roster...
    MaSoul, Surra, Yellowtail, Rojas and more. A blazing remix of Dazikue's
    Soon Come by Aklimatize, a John Arnold dancefloor killer, Cocina... put
    on your oven mitts for this one!!! For more Amalgama do not sleep on
    their new Del Alma CD in shops soon, and check www.amalgamarecords.com.
    Next up Recloose flips a Marc De CLive Lowe track... news from Domu and
    his off-the-chains new album "Return of the Rogue", a hot off the
    presses Titonton re-freak, some organic NYC flavors from Nickodemus's
    new LP, Mitsu reworks Bakura, new Beatfanatic and a gorgeous song Gente
    Ordinaria from Aloe Blacc.

    BrokeN'Beat Radio featuring SANTIAGO and RAMON from AMALGAMA
    August 15, 2005

    01. Hola Intro
    02. Masoul feat. Deviant - What we Want - Amalgama
    03. Surra feat. Ms. Lickle Bit - Hype Up - Amalgama
    04. Yellowtail - Warrior Youth - Amalgama
    05. Voltio - Julito (Rojas Edit) - Cd-R
    06. Surra feat. Ayro - Lightspeed - Amalgama
    07. Vanguardia Sonora - Quiereme - Amalgama
    08. John Arnold - Geminade - Amalgama/Ubiquity
    09. Daz feat. Colonel Red - Rockstone (Aklimatize mix) - Cd-R
    10. Masoul vs. Son del Batey - Biomba - Amalgama
    11. Ivys the Madame Butterfly - Que Pasa (Surra's Nada mix)
    12.John Arnold - Cocina - Cd-R
    13. Local 12 - Kulo (Rojas Junk in da trunk mix) - Cd-R
    14. Ivys the Madame Butterfly - Quedate (Rojas estoy Aqui mix)
    15.David Borsu feat. Damia da Costa - Syncopassion (Lensco mix) -

    Mixed by ARGO
    Marc De Clive Lowe feat. Lady Alma / KEEP IT MOVIN' (RECLOOSE REMIX) /
    Domu / UNFAZED / Archive
    John Arnold feat. Ty / STYLE AND PATTERN (MOONSTARR REMIX) / Ubiquity
    Ruben Garcia / THE MANUAL (TITONTON REFREAK) / Lovemonk
    Just One / LOVE 2 LOVE (PHLASH EDIT) / Neroli
    Julius Kammerl / ERLANGEN SUD / Compost
    Nickodemus / PATIENT WITH THE WORLD / Wonder Wheel
    Bakura / THINKIN' ABOUT (MITSU REMIX) / cdr
    Beatfanatic / EL PITO / Soundscape
    Aloe Blacc / GENTE ORDINARIA / White