[acid-jazz] Future Jazz show on KCHO

From: Peter Hall (peterwhall_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 2005-08-18 11:02:34

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    Hello people of the acid jazz list. I recently aquired a show during
    "Evening Jazz" on KCHO Chico, CA, FM 91.7 MHz, streaming world-wide at
    <www.kcho.org>. I DJ every-other Friday (including this Friday the 19th)
    from 10PM - 1AM. The first hour is JAZZ, and then during the second two
    hours, I play future jazz = funk-jazz, soul-jazz, hard-bop, acid jazz, deep
    house, trip-hop, and jazz-step drum 'n' bass. I have already done my show
    three times; playlists will soon come. This Friday, I am particularily
    excited, as I am doing an all Brazilian show.

    I've wanted to DJ jazz and related musics since 1999 or so, when my knowlege
    of music (especially from this list) increased to the point where I wasn't
    satisfied just consuming music anymore; I wanted to share it. I've finally
    realised that goal, and have a blast each time I DJ.

    P*ter Funk

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