[acid-jazz] Nu Soul Styles (just for fun)

From: Bob Davis (earthjuice_at_prodigy.net)
Date: 2005-08-26 14:58:35

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    I have been asked many times in interviews why I am a fan of "Nu Soul".

    One of the reasons why is because many of the artists have immersed themselves in the musical
    styles of the 1970's so much that a 1970's kid (like me) can't help but like the attempt (and
    in some cases the end result). For me these folks get much respect for using the music of the
    1970's as an inspiration and jumping off point for their music. Presented below is an attempt
    to break it down.

    Kevin's negative review yesterday (which I agreed with and it's why you have never heard me
    mention that CD here except to say that I listened to it.....lol), in response to Mark Anthony
    Neal's of Rahssan Patterson's latest CD reminded me of this.
    That CD is a good example where the end result is something less then what the aspiration is.
    However I do give the brotha credit for making the attempt.

    Here is the breakdown, using some of the artists that we are currently (or perhaps are about
    to) play on Soul-Patrol.Net Radio (along with a few "knee-gro radio" artists) as examples

    * The Curtis Mayfield/Gil Scott-Heron/Roy Ayres/Norman Connors Style:
    ("kozmic funk")

    Marlon Saunders
    Julie Dexter
    Fertile Ground
    Cooly's Hot Box
    Mia Miata's

    * The Jimi/Sly/Shuggie Style:
    ("black hippie")

    Victor Wooten
    Sonny Boy
    Martha Redbone
    Martin Luther
    Like So
    Amp Fiddler
    Adriana Evans
    Susaye Green
    Scott Free

    * The Marvin/Stevie/Donnie/Bill Withers/EWF Style
    ("singer/songwriter pop star")

    Frank McComb
    Anthony David
    Gordon Chambers
    Rahssan Patterson
    Alicia Keys
    John Legend
    Desi Hill
    Brian McKnight
    Nichole Wright
    Eric Robeson
    Louise Perryman

    * The Al Green/Chaka/Womack Style:
    ("soul shouter")

    Anthony Hamilton
    Leela James
    Angela Johnson
    Angie Stone
    Sharon Lewis

    * The P-Funk/Ohio Players/Prince/Time Style:

    Weapon of Choice
    Clones of Funk
    John Hickey Band
    Rapheal Saddiq
    AfroFunk Experience
    Stozo Da Clown
    Unified Tribe

    * The Betty Wright/Marlena Shaw Style:
    ("stay away from me if you know what's good for you, it's my time of the month")

    Erykah Badu
    Jill Scott
    Alison Crocket
    Saundra St. Victor

    * The Barry/Isaac/Teddy P Style
    ("love man on the make, in trouble if they approach the above")

    Will Wheaton
    Tyrone Causey

    * The CTI/GRP Style
    ("phunky jazz")

    Cassius White
    Skip Martin
    Kne-O'Chaw Hampton
    Eban Brown
    Phat Funk Clique

    The artists listed are just loose examples and of course these stylistic categories do
    overlap, but I'm trying to make a point.
    And that is for the first time since the "mainstreaming of hip hop" in the 1990's, we now have
    a large body of artists who paint with a pretty wide brush against the landscape of the 1970's
    and who can serve as credible "replacements" for the aging group of artists who defined Black
    music in the 1970's. That makes me happy beacuse that means there is a strong liklehood that
    there will be a large body of people still making the kind of music that I grew up listening
    to, still doing so far into the future (probably after I pass on).

    However there are a couple of issues:

    1. The Mass media (and therefore a "brainwashed" public) seems to be only focused on just two
    of the "styles" that I Identified above ("The Betty Wright/Marlena Shaw Style" and "The
    Marvin/Stevie/Donnie/Bill Withers/EWF Style "). And in my view that is a bad thing, because
    it prevents many good artists from being heard.

    2. One thing that distressed me as I compiled this list was that there is a signifigant
    stylistic category missing. Where have the Black male vocal groups gone???
    (I have a few theories....)

    Any thoughts on any of the above????

    Bob Davis
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