Attention L.A. Heads!

biscuit (
Mon, 31 Mar 1997 21:00:22 +0000

I'm just curious -- are many of the L.A. A.J. heads who own computers
with modems aware of this list? With that, are the people on this list
going to the shows? I've already have a little dialogue with one local
on this, but I'm ready for more widespread dialogue, if it's to be.

So, some might see this as a musician trying to draw in numbers to his
own shows, but that isn't the case. I'm into supporting the scene,
period. It's a tight little niche (which, incidentally, my band doesn't
squarely fit into), but nonetheless, a damn worthwhile one. I get this
feeling like there are a busload of musicians into the scene, etc. and
they all have there own draws, but beyond that, it seems like there are
oh..5 or 10 others lurking around. I'm being cynical, but it does feel
like we're on an island.

Maybe such is the nature of A.J. and music like it. With the barrage of
watered-down R&B, digital schmigital, *$ck this and #$ that in music
today, it's no wonder. Speaking of which, that's what's
missing....Stevie Wonder, Sly, Herbie... seems like that's forever gone
and maybe it's meant to be. But, what the hell, is the majority of L.A.
and the rest of world hypnotize by slick, over-produced, over-hyped
Velveeta with a pseudo-funky leaning? Gimme a break!

So, here is it. A calling out if you will. Here we are and I know
there's many wondering (like I did for a long time) where the SCHMOOV
is. How do they get here?

Off my soapbox. Goodnight.