Andreas Arnstrom (
Tue, 1 Apr 1997 13:17:11 +0200 (MET DST)

Some weeks ago we had a discussion about CCS on the list.

Matt McClellan wrote:
> I'm not on the AJ mailing list but I was looking at the archive and
> thought I'd help. I think the group's full name is Collective
> Consciousness Society. I think they had 3 albums: "Whole Lotta Love",
> "CCS", and one other which escapes me but may be the one to get
> (1973?). I'm a fan because they have one of my favorite obscure
> samples. The one I have, CCS, is not a bad soul/brass rock album in my
> opinion though. I think "Whole Lotta Love" might have been on both of
> the first two albums.

Well, I found and bought their 2:nd album (LP) "CCS", in a local
second-hand-record-store. I also asked the salesmen in the store about
CD's with CCS. They said that "Whole Lotta Love" exist on CD, but is sold
out, and can only be found in the second-hand-market.

Some days later I also found the first record "Whole Lotta Love" on some
of my faters *old* tapes. I listened to it in an old taperecorder (you
know the ones for the *big* tapes..not the small cassettes)...
anyway, I think the second "CCS" album was better than the first one.

One song, "I want you back", at the second album is also a famous
song that "The Jackson Five" recorded. But who is the composer?
On the CCS record the composer(s) was titeled "The Corporation", but who
is/are that/they ??

I can recommend the CCS albums for you who like a mixture between
old-dirty-70's-woodstock-rock and bigband-fusion-jazz!
The AJ-band "Mother Earth" equipped with a huge brass/horn section would
be rather close the sound, I think.