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I must have missed this the first time around, but whoever it was who
asked about The's the news...

The Corporation was the name that was given to the Motown songwriting
team that penned the Jackson 5's hits...Berry Gordy himself was the major
architect of this team, and the 3 other members were up and coming
producers/songwriters...The Corporation wrote all of the Jackson 5's
first hits...the first 4 were all #1 records....

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On Tue, 1 Apr 1997, Andreas Arnstrom wrote:

> One song, "I want you back", at the second album is also a famous
> song that "The Jackson Five" recorded. But who is the composer?
> On the CCS record the composer(s) was titeled "The Corporation", but who
> is/are that/they ??
> I can recommend the CCS albums for you who like a mixture between
> old-dirty-70's-woodstock-rock and bigband-fusion-jazz!
> The AJ-band "Mother Earth" equipped with a huge brass/horn section would
> be rather close the sound, I think.
> /Andreas
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