Re: VS: Silent Poets/French rap questions

dj herb (
Thu, 03 Apr 1997 09:37:19 +0200

Since we're on the subject, do anyone know whats up with "the artists
formerly known as RPM" ? I remember reading somewhere (Dj Magazine, True
or i-D probably) that RPM somewhat broke up..atleast they got a new name
and label (no longer Mo'Wax) and i guess maybe some new people in the
crew. Whats their name and do they have any releases out? if so, wich
note: Mo'Wax have re-issued RPM's '2000' 12"...defenetly worth the $$ if
you like mo'wax stuff...

dj herb

Kovalainen Antti wrote:
> >haves. Also as far as French rap i am pretty much in the dark besides
> >mc solaar and sens unik. i've seen a comp of french rappers a short
> >while ago but forget the name and label. Anyone have any recomendations?
> > Compilation or otherwise? Thanks a lot!
> Check out Soon-E-MC, nice jazzy sounds. On the more 'cap peelin' lines
> check out Supreme NTM.
> >
> >