RPM (was Re: VS: Silent Poets/French rap questions)

Colin Millar (millar@maths.ed.ac.uk)
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 09:24:34 +0100

> Since we're on the subject, do anyone know whats up with "the artists
> formerly known as RPM" ? I remember reading somewhere (Dj Magazine, True
> or i-D probably) that RPM somewhat broke up..atleast they got a new name
> and label (no longer Mo'Wax) and i guess maybe some new people in the
> crew. Whats their name and do they have any releases out? if so, wich
> label?
> note: Mo'Wax have re-issued RPM's '2000' 12"...defenetly worth the $$ if
> you like mo'wax stuff...
> dj herb

Two thirds of them (Joe 200 and AJ Kwame) of have gone on to form The
Runaways on their own Ultimate Dilemma label. They have had a couple
of great E.P.s - a self titled one (UD001) and 'The Playschool E.P.'
(UDR005), as well as doing production and scratching on a lot of the
other 12"s. There's also a new track on the label's new compilation
'Musical Dilemmas' (UDRLP002) which was due out this week but seems to
have been delayed. If you find anything on this label then I'd check
it out as everything on it has been excellent so far (except for Req -
why do two labels think he's so fantastic?)

You can find a full discography and contact information at


and should be able to order stuff direct from them if you want.

> Kovalainen Antti wrote:
> >
> > >haves. Also as far as French rap i am pretty much in the dark besides
> > >mc solaar and sens unik. i've seen a comp of french rappers a short
> > >while ago but forget the name and label. Anyone have any recomendations?
> > > Compilation or otherwise? Thanks a lot!
> >
> > Check out Soon-E-MC, nice jazzy sounds. On the more 'cap peelin' lines
> > check out Supreme NTM.

While we're on the subject if you can find a copy (I think it may have
been promo only though) of the Underdog remix 12" of 'Un Petit Rien De
Jazz' by Menelik et la Tribu (originally on Cool Sessions Vol 1, I
think) then beg, steal or borrow a copy as its easily the best French
rap record I've ever heard.