OFF TOPIC-store return policies

Peter Wang (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 06:00:06 -0800,Internet writes:
>But ever since I had a run in with the manager of
>the Megastore on Sunset Blvd in LA I haven't spent a penny there
for those who don't know, HMV has a great return policy: they'll take
anything back (within 30 days of purchase & w/receipt) either for your
money back or for an exchange, almost no questions asked. well, they
do check whether the cd is scratched or damaged in any way and ask you
the reason for the return (and you can say "i didn't like it") -- and
that's that.

i had an experience there with a music video i bought in a Hong Kong
HMV, which turned out to be PAL instead of NTSC..though there were no
markings on the box, and i was told by the salesperson in HK that it
would work in the USA. well, it didn't. so i first tried to exchange
it at the HMV here in New York, to no avail (but didn't speak to the
Store Manager). i was told that HMV Asia has nothing to do with HMV
USA, but i did manage to get the name/number of someone at their US
headquarters. they were quite helpful and just spoke to the store
manager at my local store and arranged to give me an exchange. when i
went back to the store, the exchange was made and the store manager
told me that the original sales person who wouldn't let me exchange it
was going to catch some flak for turning me away in the first place --
which resulted in me trying to handle things at a corporate level
(which, i take it, he didn't like).

sorry to hear about your bad experience at Virgin. but there are many
great indie stores all around, and it's always good to give them
support (return policies aside)!!


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