Re: United Future Organization(LIVE)

Jeremy Hollister (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 08:10:17 -0600 (CST)

UFO did pull it off again. I was lucky enough to catch their New Years
Show/Realease Party this year in Tokyo, and these cats are smoking live as
well. With visuals mixed and projected on three screens by a local guy and
provided by Tomato (the design group that did the covers for Loud
Minority and 3rd Perspective).

Each member did his own own set overlapping a song or two with each other,
Toshio started with a spun set, Tadashi then did a set that was a blend of
Jungle, Jazz, and Latin/Brazilian, Raffeal sang Mon Espionne with two
dancers rear projected (akin to the James Bond title sequences). Then he
did a pretty mixed set more on the house/techno side!

I don't think that they ever play in the states but IF anyone gets a
chance to see UFO don't miss the opportunity, their quality carries
through live as well.


On Wed, 2 Apr 1997, Jason Jercinovic wrote:

> Always being on the spy kick, see attachment, I have to recommend
> the new UFO "3rd Perspective". This is I believe their third full length,
> not including remixes and that ep cd- Loud Minority, and let me tell you
> this is great listening. UFO's production is top notch and the past
> interest in brazillian/latin beats has kinda been added to with 50/60's
> soundtrack to spy theme music (you know what I'm talking about Post Mission
> Impossible and James Bond). I haven't hear any comments regarding this disk
> but I love it. Not as trip hoppy as the Pussy Foot 007 release, somewhere
> in between Dimitry from Paris and LA Yellow 357.
> However, I did have some trouble finding it and I'm in NY!!!
> Finally my pal in San Fran found it at the Virgin Super Store in the import
> section (ouch $29.99). But I couldnt find it anywhere in the city (NY).
> If there are any NY headz into spy music (with a generous amount of
> trip-hop, acid-jazz, jazz funk and other contempory dance music thrown in)
> you should check out my bi-weekly HI FI SPY SESSION party. It's at Barzil
> which is a new club located on 913 Broadway, between 20 and 21 steets. I
> start around 10 and have 2 live persussion players joining me. We usually go
> on Friday's but this week its on Thurs. Its always a jam and last time
> about 150 people showed up so the dance floor is happening.
> I've attached an invite (its a jpg.)