Re: Loop Guru

jrp (
Wed, 9 Apr 97 09:42:12 BST

> Anybody know if they've released anything recently? Or anything else about
> North South Records? Or better yet, any release date for the long-awaited
> Tranquility Bass album?
> BTW thanks to everyone who replied indicating comp. interest. It's very
> helpful.
> Jay B

Jamuud from Loop Guru has been working with a software company called
SSEYO who produce a program called Koan. This software produces
continuous ever-changing music according to various parameters that
you can set up.

I've just mastered a mixed mode CD for them called Niskala with the
pieces in computer format on the first track and the standard music
tracks on the rest of the CD. Take a look at the SSEYO web site
( for more info.

The music is very ambient with sounds of jungle birds and animals as an
almost continuous background.