Re: Blackanized 360

Colin Millar
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 08:35:53 GMT

> Hey folks,
> Back in the summer, I wrote a review of Instinct's After Hours
> Volume 3 Comp which included this:
> Blackanized 360 : "Vibe"rations - whispered riff throughout (I got
> the rhythm, you got the rhythm - c'mon), hiphop beats, soaring sax
> work, shifts gears a few times, fffonky, my pick of the litter.
> Recently, another lister found my post and mailed me with an
> inquiry. After fruitless searches of the web, the online CD outlets
> and NYC megastores for more Blackanized music, I thought I'd put the
> topic out on the list after spinning the track again a few times and
> loving it. Can anyone fill us in on particulars about the
> band/person/persons?
> Thanks and Happy New Year to all!
> --
> Mike Grafe

Blackanized are a couple of blokes originally from Wolverhampton but
who now stay in Edinburgh. They used to be in the rap band Zulu
Syndicate featuring ex-members of punk band the Exploited before going
on to record a tracks as MF Outanational (see Mo Wax's Headz
compilation for the only released track that I know off). They then
got signed to the Stereo MCs Natural Response label (see for details) where they released a couple
of singles and a compilation of Edinburgh acts called 'The East Coast
Project'. They've recently released a new EP on their own Yush
Produsction label featuring MC Mello and Awunsoundz. If anyone finds
themselves in Edinburgh you can find Joseph from the band djing at
their 'Lizard Lounge' club where the band occasionally plays live.


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