mas que Coldcut/Peter and the Wolf

Tony Reid
12 Dec 98 22:14:32 -0800

Ge> The Coldcut tune is 10 years old now (1987) and th'one from TW 6 by
Ge> Sons of Judah is from '94 or '95. The Sons of Judah was, I think,
Ge> another project by Barry K Sharp as in 'Diana Brown & Barry K Sharp'
Ge> (anyone remember 'The Masterplan'). So, yeah they both use that Peter &

man, there was a time when you couldn't get away from "masterplan"...

Ge> the Wolf sample but that's about as far as the similarities go. The
Ge> Sons of Judah tune also used this great sample from from Brian Auger &
Ge> Juie Driscoll's 'Indian Rope Man' - wicked hammond groove!

the other thing to mention about the "...wolf" bit in "more beats & pieces"
is that it is only a passing section (i.e., very brief usage). i have to
go back and dig out *what's that noise* to see if they use "peter..." in the
original, though i doubt that they do.

i suspect that sons of judah rely on the string bit more than coldcut, but
i'm shooting in the dark--i haven't heard the sons' track.