1997 AJ Poll Results

Mitch Wywiorski
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 21:15:20 -0500

At last here it is... I included comments and honorable
mentions.....thanks to all that contributed....Mitch

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1997 AJ Poll Results ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Best Album:
Nuyorican Soul - Nuyorican Soul (2 nominations)
Coldcut "Let Us Play"
ERYKAH BADU "Baduizm">
'Portishead' - Portishead (Go!Beat)
Squarepusher, "Hard Normal Daddy"
Snooze "The Man in the Shadow" (SSR)
'Portishead' - Portishead (Go!Beat)
Adriana Evans, I just happen like this style of soul...
Gus Gus -- Polydistortion
Ballistic Brothers - Rude System
Roni Size /rprznt:new forms
Bug's "Infinite Syndrome"

Best Artist/Group:
REPRAZENT (2 nominations)
Roni Size, for the album and his brilliant live show at the Lollipop
festival this summer (with DJ Krust and Watkiss)
Buzz Bomb (What's Up Mix It)
Sons of Silence/A Small Good Thing (The Leaf Label)
Buzz Bomb (What's Up Mix It)
Portishead (honorable mentions -- Raprazent and Tranquility Bass)
Roy Ayers...the artist of the century
K+D, the Ganja Kru,reprazent

Best Overall Song
REPRAZENT "Brown paper bag"
reprazent: share the fall (original (not-mtv) mix)>
'Call Me Cool' - DJ Soup (Creative Vibes)
Funki Porcini v. Jerry Van Rooyen "The Great Train Robbery" (Sideburn)
'Call Me Cool' - DJ Soup (Creative Vibes)
We -- Track 2, Side A1 (hey blame them)
Casanova 70 - Air
Misunderstood - Incognito

Best Vocal Song
'Urban Trip' - Buzz Bomb (What's Up Mix It)
Camp Lo, "Luchini aka This is It"
Made on Earth "Cradle Your Soul" (SSR)
blaze: lovelee dae
'Urban Trip' - Buzz Bomb (What's Up Mix It)
BNH - Last to know ( Brilliant song. Just as good as they ever were.)
Leaf In The Wind - Monday Michiru

Best Instrumental Song
'Mainframe Wrekka' - Elite Force (Derailed / Fused & Bruised) (2
Cut Chemist, "Lesson 6: the Lecture"
We "As Is" (Asphodel)
4hero: planetaria
Air - Le soleil est pres de moi
Modular - Air
David Arnold and the Propellerheads -- On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Propellerheads : spy breaks
Grover Washington - Village Groove

Best Mix:
Almost ANYTHING by Coldcut in 97
BOOGALOO "Back down to London" (Cari Lekebusch reconstruction)
DJ Cam "DJ Kicks" (!K7)
Coldcut/DJ Food "Stoned...Chilled...Groove" (Soul Vibration)
roni size vs. nuyorican soul: it's alright
The Number Song (Cut chemist's party mix)
Bittersweet Symphony - Verve (Lavelle rmx)
Nuyorican Soul - I am black gold of the sun (4hero mix)

Best Compilation:
Better Daze Remix Project
SUPERDISCOUNT (Etienne de Crecy's project)
'Next Stop Dub Plate Pressure' (Delancey Street)
Gilles Peterson& Norman Jay JDJ
A Bathing Ape V's MoWax (Lavelle V's Nigo) - MoWax (Japanese Import)
Brassic Beats vol II - Skint
Major Force West box set - Mowax
"Return of the DJ Vol. 2" (Bomb)
The Future Sound of Jazz 2 (Instinct/Compost)
V Classics
Future sound of jazz, vol 4
Freezone 4: Dangerous Lullabies (CD)Deep Concentration (Vinyl)

Best Label:
Ninja Tune (honorable mentions: Om, Astralwerks) - (2 nominations)
Hero No.7, 'cept they haven't released anything yet, so....Fused &
SSR/Crammed Discs (Belgium)
Talkin Loud (A pretty good year with impressive releases...)

Easy Like Sunday Morning Song:
Anything by Air... (2 nominations)
AIR "Singles"
could it be anything except Air's Cassanova 70?
Slide Five "People, Places & Things" (the whole album)
Anything from 'Cafe Del Mar Volumen Quatro'. Lent the CD to someone, so
can't be more specific.
The Sea and Cake, "Two Gentlemen" (Thrill Jockey)
Chris Bowden with 4Hero "Lullaby" (Satellite)
Spend a Lifetime - Jamiroquai
Erykah Badu : appletree

Four-on-the-Floor Song:
I always thought this category meant best song to drive to (4 on the
floor gears) eg. Chemical Bros. or Death in Vegas, so I'm voting for
'Return of the Hardcore Jumble Carbootechnodisco Roadshow' - Bentley
Rhythm Ace (EMI). Provided you drive like a total maniac, of course.
Dimitri from Paris "Sacrebleu" (Yellow)
Byron Stingly: Get Up
Up, Bustle and Out -- Carbine 744, 520 (Visionary Garage Mix) from _A
Dream of Land and Freedom EP_(Honorable Mentions:Lionrock -- Packet of
Peace (Jeff Mills Deep House Mix)
Herbert Vs. Love From San Francisco -- Young at Heart)
I Feel Love - Soul II Soul

150 BPM and Above:
Plug's "Drum 'n' Bass for Papa" (the whole double-CD album; BETTER than
Roni Size's "Reprazent")
JONNY L "Piper"
'Disillusion' - Rainbow Bridge (Rainbow Bridge)
Anything by Squarepusher
Amon Tobin "Bricolage" (Ninja Tune)
Tribe of Issachar: Wardance (Congo Natty)

Lotsa Bossa:
Bossa Brava, vol. 2 (comp.)
DIMITRI FROM PARIS "Sacre francais!"

Thick Morass of Hazy Chronic Smoke Song (doped out beatz)
CYCLOPS 4000 aka Sir MENELIK "Space Cadillac" (RAWKUS)
'Layered Laird' - Cut Chemist
Directions, "Echoes" (Soul Static Sound)
Journeyman "Sloath" from "National Hijinx" (Ntone)
trace: locusts (prototype)
The Angel -- Strange Times [Version]
Rammstein:rammstein :) (couln't focus, sorry)

Warning: DJs Only:
Deep Concentration
BOOGALOO "Back down to London" (Cari Lekebusch reconstruction)

Light Up (a Phattie) & Listen Up:
Audio Alchemy (the FIRST comp.)
Kid Loco "A Grand Love Story" (Yellow)

Everyone's Gotta Have It:
Daft Punk (2 nominations)
James Taylor Quartet "Creation" album
BOOGALOO "Back down to London" (Cari Lekebusch reconstruction)
Mr. Scruff "Mr. Scruff LP" (label?)

Funk It Up:
Jestofunk's "Love in a Black Dimension" album
Bentley Rhythm Ace "Bentley Rhythm Ace" (Astralwerks)
Daft Punk: Around the world

Groove Noir:
Fila Brazillia's "Luck Be a Weirdo Tonight" album
TRANKILOU "Escalope de dingue" (FRA)
Coco Steel & Lovebomb "

Underrated Project(s):
Jimi Tenor (2 nominations)
Hooverphonic's "A New Stereophonic Sound Experience";
Coolbone's "Brass-Hop"
SVEK RECORDS releases (Sweden)
Isotope 217
Sons of Silence "Silence FM" (The Leaf Label)
Purple Penguin -- De-Tuned

Overrated Project
WALL OF SOUNDS' 1997 releases
Portishead "Portishead" (Go Beat) (2 nominations)
extortion-priced compilations like Metalheadz Tin Box and Jonny L album
Vampyros Lesbos and associated titles (except for the picture disc!!)
Camel Bobsled Race - Q-Berts Shadow megamix thing (most dissapointing)
UFO's last album - 3rd perspective (that spy thing has been flogged to
NuYorican soul - good, but definitely overrated imo.

Best Magazine
SNC (2 nominations)
Why do we even vote on this every year?
Plastic (Australia)
Best Magazine: URB
FLY! (http://www.fly.co.uk/index.dhtml)

Best Album Cover
Aphex Twin -- Come to Daddy (scary stuff!!!) - (2 nominations)
SUPERDISCOUNT (For the 4x10" puzzle)
Harold Budd & Hector Zazou "Glyph" (Made to Measure/Crammed Discs)
Grooverider, prototype years(holo vers.)

Best DJ
DJ Mark Turner (OK, so I don't get out much and he sends me free tapes)
Cut Chemist
Maiz (aka Bonnie Dillon)
Didier & Anonymous, Espoo, Finland
The Psychonauts

Best Radio Show
Horas Funktasticas w/Paulo Fonseca
The Future Sound of Paris special - DJ Mark Turner & DJ A-Squared
119 Audio Resources, Nashville

Best Club
my living room. :D (eric)
Life, Helsinki

Total Trash
"Barbie' - Aqua (Who cares?)
Latyrx, "The Muzapper's Mixes"
Sash, or any other euro-disco style pop-techno...

Best Live Album:
Count Basic's "Live"
Nuyorican soul

Best Reissue
That Liquid Liquid album from Mowax