Ahhhh - I'm in heaven......

Marc Wright (mw@eis.net.au)
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 07:36:15 +1000

Does life get any better than this?? I know at least one of these albums has
been around for a while, but, I've just got me greedy little hands on 'em,
and this is stuff to sell your Mother for.

I just got the Depth Charge album 'Nine Deadly Venoms', and the Red Snapper
album 'Reeled and Skinned', and AHHHHHHHH!!! Man this is GOOD!

Both very different from each other, except they both could be classed as
**** **** (You know - that category where the first word rhymes with HOP,
and the second word rhymes with TRIP). Depth Charge is like a sample
overdose - just voices and freaky sounds spinnin' from all over the place.
Lottsa electronics. But, Red Snapper....

Inside the cover is a list of who plays what instruments, and I suddenly
realised that this was the first album I'd bought in years that didn't rely
almost exclusively on synths and samplers etc. It was a shock to see a list
of more 'traditional' instruments - double bass, drums, guitar, flute,
melodica, and sax. But, what they do with 'em!!! This stuff is just as
trippy as anything else around. Could *never* be classified as 'traditional'

Sorry to rave on like this - most of you probably know these albums well -
but, when I get impressed - I get *impressed*.

OK, I'm off to get on my back, on the floor, headphones on, volume fuckin'
loud, light up a spliff....and grooooooooooooove.