Mike Etheridge, Int'l Finc, SFO x8926 (
Wed, 13 Sep 1995 14:50:41 -1000

hosted by Guru and featuring
Donald Byrd
Rubin Williams
Zachary Breux
Willie and
Derrick from The Solsonics... plus other special guests.
Saturday September 23. Live @ Metro 11:30pm/18&over
3730 N. Clark. Chicago. 312-549-0203
soundz good to me...

FEI: Same show coming to S.F. on Oct-3 at the Elbo Room...

I saw Guru on his first JAZZMATAZZ tour last year in New Orleans at the
House of Blues and was disappointed with it's lack of "ambience" - although
I must plead that, contrary to many of the more educated opinions on this
list, I fully dig both the albums. It was amusing, however, to watch the
clueless tourists from AL, MS, et al, stomp out in horror that this club
they had heard SO much about was actually playing R-A-P <grin>.