Jeremy Steig! -Reply

Dylan Cristy (
Thu, 14 Sep 1995 10:59:17 -0400

Looks like I subscribed just in time to answer your question! Don't
know much about Steig, but as far as others, I was just thinking of
posting this, since it's such a P-HAT record: Herbie Mann - Muscle
Shoals Nitty Gritty.
It's on Embryo Records, a subsidiary of Atlantic, released about
1970, and Roy Ayers is part of the lineup. The title track is dope,
another called 'Can You Dig It?' KICKS(!!!), and there's a
sa-moooooth cover of 'Come Together.'
IMHO worth getting bloody fingers picking through record bins to find
this one!

If you need more info on this get me direct:

PS- anyone in the Westchester, NY area - I spin @ The Beat in Port
Chester on Fridays. It's really underground (I say that because my
most FAQs are "What do you call this music?" and "Is this that Acid
Jazz stuff?"). Anyone from the list PLEASE stop in and say Hi!

>>> Palle Zetterstrand <> - 9/13/95 2:39 AM

Bought "Leg work" by Jeremy Steig and it's a great record. Especially
"Howlin' for Judy"(sampled by Beastie Boys on "Sureshot") and "Alias
A-Li'as" are funky. I suppose it's jazz funk but it's much more
dynamic than most music I associate with that term. Funky drums,
rumbling basslines and wicked flutework. So, what about his other
records? Worth diggin for them? ANd what about other funk flute
players? I'm really on a flute vibe right now(S.O.U.L also have a
funky fluteist(sp?)).