"Paris Groove Up" AJ compilation + RE:French rap questions

Carlos Sanz (acecsr@bitmailer.net)
Thu, 14 Sep 95 17:11 GMT+0200

My knowledge does'nt get as far as Dino!, Fly Rye or John McNutt, but I=B4ll
try to tell you a few things:

>From MC Solaar, you have the three albums mentioned: "Qui seme le vent..",
"Prose..." & the "Nouveau Western" EP. The last one has this list of tracks:

1.-Nouveau western (Edit)
2.-Solaar Power (7" Mix)
3.-I=B4m doin' fine
4.-Solaar Power

"Nouveau", from his "Prose Combat".
"Solaar Power" is a soft, not-very-fast song with female backing vocals and
some flute, very nice.
"I=B4m doin=B4 fine" is a song featuring "The Roots", good AJ, that sound=
to me.

>From SoonE MC (Solaar=B4s brother if my info is correct) has an album (cant
remember the title) and a 8-tracks CD EP called "Rap.Jazz.Soul", which I
have (first french AJ/rap album I bought, which drove me to MC Solaar
etc...). It's mixed by Jimmy Jay, produced by "Gargamel" (was=B4nt that the
name of the bad guy from "The Smurfs"/"Los pitufos"?) and composed by SoonE
MC and Seeq (mainly).

BTW, Lucien did the french rap on Jazzmatazz Vol.II=B4s "Lifesaver" (does
someone else likes this song as much as I do?).

Yesterday I bought an album called "Paris Groove Up ("Premiere" French
acid-jazz, gogo, funk & rap compilation)" from eastwest/Warner Bros. which
I=B4ve listening to since then; It has really good french AJ. The tracks &
groups are:

1.-Ready made: "Arabesques"
2.-Dis bonjour a la dame: "Christ'al"
3.-Mellowman: "Gardez l'=E9coute"
4.-R=EAvel: "Pardonne"
5.-Mad in Paris: "GO GO motion"
6.-K-Racters: "K-Talk 2"
7.-Vercoquin: "Elles aiment =E7a"
8.-PF Crusade: "Bola"
9.-Mellowman: "Mic Mac"
10.-R=EAvel: "Fantaisy"
11.-K-Racters: "Really groovy"
12.-Mad in Paris: "Funky Takini"
13.-K II Conscience: "Boom Bastic"
14.-Fred Versailles: "Juste comme =E7a"
15.-Esprit Jazz: "Ame Saoul/'am soul"

#1 is an instrumental in a Ronny Jordan style, with a flute background and
nice keyboards.

#2 is something like BNH with main vocal in English & rap in French (main
female vocals).

#3 has a funky AJ/Hip-hop flavour. #9, by the same group, is more rap.

#4, #10 good & beatfull tracks. Main female vocals.

#5 Nice wind section conducting the melody, with phrases sung along.
#12 Is has a catchy 70=B4s funk melody.

#6 Other pleasant to hear AJ group with a female singer.
#11 The same, but more rap.

#7 Wha-wha guitar and low-bas vocals.

#8 Nice, nice...

#13 Sounds something like Supergroove=B4s "Can=B4t get enough".

#14 Slow, xylophone, drums, keyboards. A one man band. A great song.

#15 Very smooth and jazzy song. Great also.

IMHO this is a great album that shows part af the Paris AJ scene. Listen to
it or buy it if you have the opportunity. Guaranteed to please.