Thanks for album recomendations...

Carlos Sanz (
Fri, 22 Sep 95 22:33 GMT+0200

I=B4ve just bought some CD=B4s recomended by people from the list=
"Home" and BNH=B4s "Heavy rhyme experience vol.1"), and I=B4m just delighted=
Thanks to all for the great orientation about this. I was buying relying
only on my own opinion & impressions (and doing it okay), but I felt a
little bit alone. It=B4s great to have a second opinion or a sincere review
from a real AJ buyer.

Un mill=F3n de gracias...

BTW, the CD Sampler idea is getting better from post to post... My vote for
the @ and the unsubscribe ideas. 8)=3D)

BBTW, this month=B4s issue of Wired is giving credit to list member Mr.=
Villareal and Massive=B4s home page... Congratulations.

Un saludo,
Carlos Sanz Ramirez (
Madrid, Espa=F1a

P.S.: To Jos\i Fontainhas" <>:

"...Got the guitar strummin'
the drummer drummin'
the people all hummin'
and the vibe was lovin'
on and on and on
=B4till the breakadawn..."