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Nicolas Bamberski (nib@frame.com)
Fri, 22 Sep 95 15:48:02 CDT

At 08:34 PM 9/22/95 +0200, Peter_A._Leijdsman wrote:
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^^^^^^ HERE WE GO! we have our title! :P


just came back from the record store. woooo woooo! I guess the holidays are
over for musicians. good cauz it had been pretty damn slow release-wise for
a while.
Anyway, here is what sounded good after a few needle drops, and you might
like those if you are into the electronic/spacey/acidic side of acidjazz:

Doctor Rockit - Ready To Rockit EP (Clear) wied, different styles, two 10"

AtticaBlues - Blueprint Remixes (Mo'Wax) includes Richie Hawtin mix, in the
same style as his old LaFunkMob mix on MoWax

Pressure Drop - Tearing The Silence double-12" (HardHands) excellent methink

Funky Porcini - King Ashabanapal mixes (NinjaTune) includes a Plaid mix

Dadomo - The Doge Of Venice EP (CupOfTea) has a good instrumental

Future Of The Funk - Less Stress

Rob Dougan + La Funk Mob - Clubbed to Death #1 (Mo'Wax)

Ancient Chinese Secrets - Shao-Lin Fury / Dragon Drums (Speed) US domestic

white label - ?? (Source Lab) two mixes of LaFunkMob material. woowoo!

sorry I can't review more in details, but I didn't listen to those carefully
yet... maybe if I have time I'll review some next week. I will also
definitely review the Eighth Dimension "Mixed Emotion" LP, which is
excellent and has a lot of success with acid-jazz djs here in Chicago (and I
thought I would have the exclusivity). However, I'm the only one to play
Q-Burns tracks (our Michael on the list) at 45rpm, both of them :) no
kidding. Michael, did you make them this way on purpose? they sound soooo
good at 45!


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