re: Tricky in Concert-comments

Alan Scully (
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 17:46:25 +0100

. When I saw Tricky during his first visit to Toronto this tour he was the
. supporting act for PJ Harvey. I thought it went well even though he looked
. somewhat uncomfortable. I was checking out the audience ( who were there to
. see PJ Harvey) to see their reactions to Tricky. When he set it off with
. Black Steel they sure as hell woke up and were totally blown away.

I travelled from London to Glasgow to see Tricky when he supported PJ Harvey.
I wasn't that interested in PJ, I just wanted to see Tricky. Imagine how
pissed off I was when I got into the concert to find they'd started early and
only had two tracks left. What I did see was really good. I met quite a
few people I know at the concert, all like both Tricky and PJ. But, during
what I did see there was a bit of "friction". Tricky appeared pissed off,
played a shortish set, and when the crowd shouted for more as he left the
stage he said something like "PJ Harvey doesn't want me to play any more
songs". After a few minutes he came back and played another some.
I met Tricky later at the bar. He didn't say anything significant about
the friction but did say he was a bit worried about how a PJ audience
would react to him. Seems a sound guy.


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