Re: Radio / Outside -- BUFFALO/TORONTO SPECIFIC!!!!

Tim G. Wagner (
Mon, 25 Sep 1995 13:11:51 -0400

>On Sat, 23 Sep 1995, John Reay wrote:
>> > A UK
>> >>group I heard recently which impressed me is Outside...the radio station
>> >>described them as Hip Hop..
>> >
>> >I am in Toronto, what station/show was playing Outside? I'm impressed!
>> >
>> Sad to was not a Toronto radio was WBFO Buffalo
>> 88.7...without doubt the best S Ont/W NY station for Jazz, A-J, Hip-Hop etc.
>> especially Friday nights. Unfortunately their signal is iffy in Toronto
>> (somewhat better in Bowmanville). Because of the CRTC's attempts to protect
>> us from evil Yankee culture about the only decent jazz of any type is on
>> CIUT 89.5...Curtis Bailey is god!
>John... I'd like to fill you in on the fact that there are numerous radio
>shows which broadcast from Toronto that would play music from groups like
>Monday : 'The House of Secrets' 10-12 am 105.5 CHRY Mr. E. and R.C.
> Open format every other Monday 2:30-5 pm 88.1 CKLN Divadee
> 'Shifting Gears' every other Monday 8-9 pm 105.5 fm DJ Steven
>Tuesday: 'The Best Kept Secret' 7-10 pm 105.5 fm CHRY Venus, D.C. and
> Trouble
>Thursday: 'B.A.S.S.' 6-8 pm CKLN Karen Augustine + Niki Redd
> 'Vibes N' Stuff' 10-12 pm CIUT 89.5 fm Paul E. Lopes and Mike Tull
> 'States of Mind' 11-12 pm CHRY Guru Persaud
> 'Out of D'ordinary' 2-7 am CKLN Curtis Smith
>Friday: 'Bright Moments' 5-7 am 88.1 CKLN Jason Palma
>Saturday: 'Sounds of Young London' 8-10 pm CKLN O.D.J
>Sunday: 'Daves Dance Show' CKLN Jeremy Mike and Kenny
>(this list was compiled by D.C. and can be found in the latest issue of
>Tribe magazine)
>This list does not include the innumerable pure jazz shows but dance music
>shows which include acid jazz. So check it out before you dis your area.
>For those of you outside of broadcast range, sorry for the localised post but
>I just gotta represent. We have an acid jazz list here in Toronto for
>localized info in order to save you folks out there relatively
>useless posts as a response to previous complaints about this issue.
>El Mocambo

For all the Southern Ontario/Western New York fans, my show (talked about
earlier in the post) airs every Friday Night from 12-2 and now, saturday
nights from 12-6:am. The program is called Essential Groove and airs out of
Buffalo on WBFO 88.7 FM. Check IT out!

As for Toronto radio, I've only heard Vibes N' Stuff and the show is great.
The first place I heard the new Grand Puba, all the way back in MAY!

Tim FRom Buffalo