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Date: Sat Oct 07 2000 - 21:59:26 MET DST

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        Scott, you can't really tell me you don't get it. Your response shows absolutely no willingness to discuss this at all, just a retarded "My Country Right or Wrong" attitude. The fact that any of us dislike a part of what goes on here doesn't mean that we're knocking the group as a whole, or the individuals whose opinions differ from ours. Obviously, if the AJ list did not offer something positive to each of us, then some of us would take your very enlightened and eloquent suggestion and join another group.

        We have an opportunity here to discuss an issue which seems to be dividing the group. Sadly, you prefer asking those who oppose your views to leave rather than trying to leave this topic open to discussion and considering everyone's stance. The fact that this thread is ongoing should tell you that the issue being discussed is one that needs clarification, and I'm certain that if each side offers their views to the other, we can arrive at some consensus that's acceptable to everyone instead of adhering to your lame-brained measures.

        For the record, I'd never consider speaking to you, Scott, or ANYONE in such a direct and rude fashion. However, it is clear that you do not have the tact and manners to have made your unwelcoming suggestions via a more private means of communication. If ya gotta be like that, have the courtesy to address who you are addressing PRIVATELY. It'll make the list a much friendlier place, no?

    Why Can't We Be Friends (WAR),

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      People that feel this strongly could always leave the list and/or join another.

      R. Scott
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        I'm not so much bothered by the radio shows (ONLY the ones I can hear on the net) as much as I am by those listees who gotta advertise local shows on the list. It's commerce, and it pisses me off. Every weekend, I know EXACTLY what's happening in Toronto thanks to this list. Problem is, I don't live in Toronto, or Chicago, or New York, so I really don't give a fuck about some local band trying to make good. It's Spam and a breach of netiquette, and if something can be done about it, I wholeheartedly support it.

            Kinda sad, but this list's become more than half advertising. We're already bombarded by ads every second of the day, so I certainly don't appreciate seeing it on a list which I'm joining for fun and on my spare time.

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              i agree i am very annoyed too....sometimes i think about leaving, the
              playlists are annoying to me too..


              The playlists from various radio
              shows I don't mind. But can someone please explain to
              me why this list has become a junk pile?
                Erik, you gonna shot at shuttin it down?


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