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From: Erik Borälv (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 14:52:14 MET DST

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    Here's how I as admin see it.

    First of all, playlists and gig information is not spam! This list
    has always encouraged posts like this, so until we decide on something
    else we shouldn't make too much noise about that.
    However, I do understand the irritation as it is still a high volume
    list and "uninteresting" posts only makes that situation worse.

    Sadly, there are a lot of event posts that don't follow our rule about
    writing the town/country first on the subject line. As admin I always
    hunt these people down and tell them to follow our rules or to stop
    posting. Most of the time this works, and sometimes not (as in the
    case with the clueless people at ritualevents or the major league
    spammers at sharelibations).

    As soon as it is possible only subscribed members will be able to post
    to this list. This will solve some of our problem with spam. I don't
    yet have a date for when this will be installed.

    Now for the real question: should we change our policy on playlists
    and event posts? So far I've receieved (and seen on the list) mostly
    support for keeping things as they are.

    As admin I would appreciate more subscriber feedback. Let me know if
    you think someone is posting too much on some off-topic. Generally
    I'm very liberal and let most topics pass (what headphones to buy,
    cddb functionality, etc...) because this is the way the list always
    have been, more or less.

    I agree that there has been a change in the last years from talking
    about music towards "doing it". This too is fine even if I personally
    wish there was more discussion and lengthy reviews.

    I was surprised to see Mark post without mentioning Lewis II, the new
    album by Lewis Taylor. It is pretty much the same old stuff as always
    from this brilliant singer-songwriter. Perhaps there is not the same
    exitement for this second album, but the retro sound and quality is
    still impressive. Impressive or not, I miss a big song - like Lucky
    from the first album - but other than that I have no objections.

    Kirsty MacColl, Tropical Brainstorm - just for fun. Light pop, no
    relation to aj other than that she was mentioned in the latest Straight
    No Chaser.

    Craig David, Born to do it - easygoing drum&bass with big commercial
    success in Europe. I like it.

    Sounds from the funky underground - This is a compilation from the
    english Chocolate Fireguard label. I was very happy to hear this
    compilation (I've always been a big fan of compliations). This one
    feels quite fresh and new in style. Somehow the old classic aj
    compliations (Future sound of jazz, etc) are not that interesting
    anymore... This on the other hand has that "new car" smell that
    makes you want to buy it immediately. Big ups to quattro (uptempo
    Galliano style) and Kava Kava (funky, and with definite hit potential).
    Also some nice drum&bass-influenced beats here. See:


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