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From: Mark Allerton (
Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 15:39:13 MET DST

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    on 8/10/00 1:52 pm, Erik Borälv at wrote:
    > OBaj:
    > I was surprised to see Mark post without mentioning Lewis II, the new
    > album by Lewis Taylor. It is pretty much the same old stuff as always
    > from this brilliant singer-songwriter. Perhaps there is not the same
    > exitement for this second album, but the retro sound and quality is
    > still impressive. Impressive or not, I miss a big song - like Lucky
    > from the first album - but other than that I have no objections.

    Yeah, I should have mentioned this - I have been discussing it over on the
    Lewis Taylor forums (check out and so maybe I've
    been Lewised out. I pretty much agree with your analysis of it. It's not as
    good as the first one but it's still very good, and I've been listening to
    it a lot. I think the second half of the album is better than the first -
    starting from "I'm On The Floor" onwards. His cover of "Everybody Here Wants
    You" (the original was by Jeff Buckley) is a classic. It's not a complete
    re-run of his debut in terms of the sound - the debut was kind of trip
    hoppy, but the new one is funkier and more uptempo. His bass playing ain't
    bad either.


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