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Date: Sun Oct 08 2000 - 17:34:08 MET DST

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       Since I started all this, let me set the record
    straight on a few points. First off, it was not my
    intention to attack this list or the people on it.
    This group has opened my eyes and ears to so much good
    music in the past three-four years I can't even put a
    dollar amount on it. It always has been, and continues
    to be, a great, great list.
       Secondly, I support playlists and such from people
    like Mark and Leslie and Dirk and others. I use them,
    like others, to get tips on good music. So you'll hear
    no complaints from me on that.
       Thirdly, I support the suggestion that has been
    thrown out numerous times to put the LOCATION of event
    postings in the subject head. That will make it much
    easier to sift through.
       Lastly, maybe I was just an ass for bringin this
    whole thing up. Maybe it is just because there isn't a
    lot of postings lately --- and I'm just as much to
    blame for that as anyone. So here's to ending the
    negativity and gettin back to the music...

    speaking of which, made a mix cd the other day which I
    owe credit to some of you for, thanks again:
        1. Mo Horizons, "foto viva"
        2. Thievery Corp., "lebanese blonde"
        3. Up, Bustle and Out, "the hand of the
        4. Nitin Sawhney, "streets"
        5. Ozomatli, "aqui no sera"
        6. Ozomatli, "dos cosas ciertas" (new track off
        7. Francisco Aguabella, "agua de cuba"
        8. Bebel Gilberto feat. Suba, "tanto tempo"
        9. Wax Poetic, "guitar interlude"
       10. Da Lata, "beija flor"
       11. Tabla Beat Science, "palmistry"
       12. Bombay The Hardway, "my guru"
       13. Shri, "meditation"
       14. Da Lata, "rain song"
       15. Suba, "felicidade"
       16. Nitin Sawhney, "tides"


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