Thievery Corporation

From: Kennedy, Liam (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 17:53:04 MET DST

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    Hi all,

    Well, after six months or so on the list, I finally checked out some of the
    artists you peps bang on about. With your 2 step this, and, your downtempo
    that, I was never to sure what you were on about.....that was until last
    Friday, when I picked up Thievery Corporation's DJ-Kicks. Man what a groovy
    collection of sounds. Its hardly been out of my player, and considering I
    got Hot Buttered Soul the same day, thats no mean feat. All in all, I have
    to say I'm very impressed, there's not one bad track on there (how many
    compilations can you say that about?) I'm still getting used to the style
    of music as I've listened to virtually no music of this kind, so my ears are
    adjusting themselves.

    I'll definitely by checking out more downtempo stuff in the coming months,
    and would be grateful if you could recommend anything I should be listening

    Cheers for getting me interested,

    New Musical Adventurer


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