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Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 09:42:22 MET DST

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    > Friday, when I picked up Thievery Corporation's DJ-Kicks. Man what a groovy
    > ..
    > I'll definitely by checking out more downtempo stuff in the coming months,
    > and would be grateful if you could recommend anything I should be listening
    > to.

            If you like Thievery Corporation, you'd probably also enjoy the Vienna
    sound, ie. Kruder & Dorfmeister and their and their buddies' various
    other projects like Tosca, Peace Orchestra etc. Check out their label
    G-Stone (and of course you should also check Thievery Corp's 18th Street
    Lounge label as well).
            Kid Loco was mentioned, that's strictly recommended ("Grand Love Story"
    and "Jesus Life for Children Under 12 Inches" are good starting points),
    and the DJ Kicks series as a whole is mostly great stuff and the artists
    in featured in it are great also. On the downtempo tip, besides Thievery
    Corp., I'd recommend K&D's, Kid Loco's and DJ Cam's DJ Kicks albums.
            My personal favourite in downtempo is a German group called Terranova
    (formerly Turntable Terranova) who record on Copasetik records (they've
    also released some stuff on Compost). Their "Close the Door" album is
    amazing. On the same tip is a guy called Aim, whose "Cold Water Music"
    is also excellent. Bittersweet, melancholic stuff with fat beats.
            Other recommended artists and records:

            DJ Food: Kaleidoscope
            DJ Food: A Recipe for Disaster
            Howie B: Turn Off the Dark
            DJ Shadow: Entroducing... (and everything else)
            UNKLE: Psyence Fiction
            Mr. Scruff
            Dobie (my favourite track by Dobie is "Cloud 98 3/4" on Pussyfoot)
            Underdog (and anything on his Output imprint)
            Jah Wobble (if you like the dubbier edge of Thievery Corp.)
            Massive Attack (obviously)
            Thievery Corporation: Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi
            v/a: Headz 1-2
            Ryu: Ga (and other DJ Krush stuff too, the Code 4019 mix for example is
            Astronauts of Antiquity
            Nigo: Ape Sounds (more on the post-rock tip)
            Ninja Tune comps (which usually also have a great deal of "traditional"
    hiphop, but great downtempo tracks too)
            Count Basic
            Towa Tei

    "Betwixt decks there can hardlie a man catch his breath by 
    reason there ariseth such a funke in the night..."
                                              - W. Capps, 1623
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