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Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 05:24:41 MET DST

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    stephanie wrote:

    > hehe, like Vadim getting Sarah Jones on his rekkid!
    > =)
    > So, she is on the cover of the current Ms. It's a
    > pretty thin article, but told me stuff I didn't know
    > about her. she's been doing performace art and 2 more
    > significant theatrical thingamabobs, one depicting the
    > lives and issues of women in totally different
    > situations and countries, and the only prop is a
    > scarf.

    She took her show "Surface Transit" all over the US. After
    a couple years, it was back in NYC this summer. I went towards
    the end of the run and it was still packed. Absolutely amazing,
    she has a talent for acting wildly contrasting roles almost equal to
    Phil Hendrie's. The show is a series of monologues by different
    characters, from an old homeless woman to an old racist Jewish
    grandmother to a poor single parent to a homophobic, violent
    rapist to a b-boy (leading "how to stop rhyming" support groups...
    in which she breaks out into "Blood") to a airheaded teenager
    (where she talke about going to a Gil Scott-Heron concert (where
    she breaks out into "Your Revolution") and more. One of the
    most talented people I've ever seen perform.

    She's supposed to be in a Spike Lee film, I don't know if it's
    "Bamboozled" or not.


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