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From: Mark Allerton (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 09:06:43 CEST

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    After some minor intervention from Canada Customs, my first Red Cross
    musical relief package arrived courtesy of GrooveDis. So, from bad to

    Bad: Plastic Surgery 2. Why is this getting so much great press? While I've
    loved some previous Hospital output (in particular Outpatients), I am
    severely not feeling this one. Then Carlito+Addiction track is OK, but I can
    take or leave the rest. Maybe it needs another listen, but...

    Nubian Mindz - New World Chaos. This sounds almost exactly like I expected
    it to sound on the basis of the previous 12s. Which is pretty damn good,
    though there's nothing here better than "Black Science pt. 2" which is
    probably the track that most people have heard.

    Modaji - Modaji. After some of the comments here I half expected this to be
    pretty weak, but on the first listen I was quite getting into this one.
    Yeah, it's nothing like what you'd expect on the basis of things like
    "Outboard Jeopardy", but there's quite a bit on here that I can see getting
    repeated play.

    Various - Phuturistic Dancing. Oh yes... this is top quality stuff. Funkier
    and more bass-heavy than previous stuff from this crew, especially the first
    half of the CD.

    BTW... The Chateau Flight mix of Seiji's "Second Nature" reminds me that I
    should have mentioned that the CF remix of Joakim Lone's "Reve 1" is well
    worth revisiting for anyone who wants a quality nu-jazz experience. I've got
    to admit I slept on it the first time around (some of the other things on
    "Tiger Sushi Remixed" really caught my attention, I guess) - but I had my
    MP3 player set to shuffle and the Chateau Flight mix really made me double
    take - I thought it was G-Force & Seiji or something.


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