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From: 21st century soul (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 11:11:10 CEST

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    > Bad: Plastic Surgery 2. Why is this getting so much great press? While
    > loved some previous Hospital output (in particular Outpatients), I am
    > severely not feeling this one. Then Carlito+Addiction track is OK, but I
    > take or leave the rest. Maybe it needs another listen, but...

    oh man...give this one another listen. i am consistently impressed with this
    album as i listen to it and play it out more and more...specifically, the
    john b remix, the danny byrd remix...the carlito/addiction track actually
    went from slightly crummy in my book ('not as good as 'supergrass'' i
    remember thinking) to a tune that i've seen devastate dancefloors and earn a
    place in my chart....not to mention the high contrast tracks which i didn't
    like at all but whose details have become so pleasantly clear to me the more
    i listen. i recommend a loud soundsystem with loads of bass. if you can't
    crank it at home, go check out your local jungle club (be there one). hey,
    worst case scenario, you go to a stereo shop and have them play it on a pair
    of paradigm's or somesuch. nonetheless: check it out, it's solid.


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