Re: fela's death

From: Jason Witherspoon (
Date: Fri May 04 2001 - 20:25:20 CEST

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    At 07:01 PM 5/3/01 -0700, Beau Young wrote:
    >man, i wouldn't be surprised at all. very interested to see if anybody
    >else heard this. i saw a biography about him about a year ago and couldnt
    >help but question whether or not Fela was murdered. but then, i'm one who
    >always sees a conspiracy.
    >beau j. young

    Given the likelihood that figures such as Bob Marley, and even Jimi Hendrix
    for that matter, were the victims of political hits (cf Alex Constantine's
    _The Covert War Against Rock_), it would be almost unimaginable that the
    powers-that-be wouldn't be gunning after Fela. They killed his mom
    outright, after all. Still, I got no facts to back me up & know nothing
    about the specifics of Fela's demise; just a strong suspicion that such an
    scenario is indeed very likely.

    Would love to learn more on this topic if anyone has details--

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