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Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 04:19:06 CEST

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    i remember hearing this a long time ago when it was on the charts at it must have been last fall or winter. i liked it a
    lot and can actually still hear it in my head from the sample I heard
    (amazing). Along the same lines, I also liked that Danny Byrd track "Do It

    As far as the Plastic Surgery stuff, I dont know b/c I havent heard it yet.
    But I remember buying a couple compilations last summer... one of them being
    Liquid Funk from Creative Source and the other was Listen Up Jazzy Flavaz on
    Hardleaders I think. I think they were along the line of the dnb stuff
    discussed lately. I thought they both showed a somewhat different direction
    in dnb, but I still was only impressed by one or two tracks off of each
    comp. I listened to them over and over, mixed them, and all that and just
    wasnt impressed. It was like... "ok this is better than the other stuff,
    but still not my thing".

    On some dnb I am almost always impressed with, or least enough to buy, the
    Reinforced Picture Disc is coming back this summer! Reinforced is still
    pretty cool to me... the latest 12"s have been nice in that the drum n bass
    is still tight as hell, then you get some other flavors on them as well.
    I'm not a dnb fan nowadays, but damn their shit is still the bomb (excuse
    the old slang). I've found some older Reinforced stuff from the early 90's
    I'm very proud to own.


    p.s. Last I checked (last year that is), Phuturistic Bluez was putting
    out some tight shit too.

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    >> I heard the reason that the
    >> J-Majik tune was on Defected was because the Kathy Brown vocal was
    >> meant for a funky Defected/Subliminal style house track that someone else
    >> was working on(?) Apparently it just happened to fit by accident and
    >> thought he'd use it. It was just a total fluke... (correct me if I'm
    >> though)
    >Fluke or no, the truth is that the Freeform Five remix of this track
    >included in the first 12" is one of the best remixes as of lately. The guy
    >totally breaks up the tune, slows it down, and gets it baked for the
    >dancefloors. Also, the Dillinja remix will instantly kill any d'n'b
    >dancefloor when thrown at peaktime. Don't overlook it...
    >J-Majik feat. Kathy Brown - Love is not a Game (Defected 031)
    >A1: Original Mix
    >A2: Freeform Five Reform Vocal
    >AA1: Dillinja Remix

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