Re: J-Majik feat. Kathy Brown (was Re: New purchases - Modaji, Phuturistic, Plastic, Nubian...)

From: Dave Haynes (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 11:13:01 CEST

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    >one of them being
    > Liquid Funk from Creative Source and the other was Listen Up Jazzy Flavaz
    > Hardleaders I think. I think they were along the line of the dnb stuff
    > discussed lately. I thought they both showed a somewhat different
    > in dnb, but I still was only impressed by one or two tracks off of each
    > comp. I listened to them over and over, mixed them, and all that and just
    > wasnt impressed. It was like... "ok this is better than the other stuff,
    > but still not my thing

    I think its come on a lot since last year. Fabio's Liquid Funk was a bit
    lame but most of those tracks were fairly old even a year ago.
    And IMO Hardleaders isn't the greatest label in the world.

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