Re: mj cole track id

From: Velanche Stewart (
Date: Mon May 07 2001 - 19:26:35 CEST

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    Well I'm not sure if it's the same thing that we're looking for, but on
    the "Sincere" album (which, sorry to say, I was a tad disapponted with
    the album as a whole), there's an incidental track called "MJ FM." It's
    the track with an imaginary pirate radio station and its DJ. Toward the
    end, there's a version of "Crazy Love" that--for some friggin reason--is
    not on the album.

    Can someone ID that one, for me? I'd really like to have it if I can
    find it. I think it's a really cool mix.

    Velanche wrote:
    > howdy peepz
    > can anyone ID a mix of mj cole 'sincere' i heard it in a shop but of course
    > it was an instore mix with no info
    > i think it may be jazzanova tho it is not the 8 min 'sincerely yours' mix
    > that appears on the CD single that i have but does seem to have some of the
    > elements of that mix - mostly the drums, bass, synths from what i can
    > remember.
    > it seems to be similar to the jazzanova mix before the er 'latin' drums
    > come in somewhere around half way. what i heard of the unidentified mix
    > didn't have the inner city 'good life' style housey string / pad chords
    > that also come in towards the end of the 'sincerely yours' mix. it had the
    > same very nice brazil style programmed beats & claps as , fairly analog
    > sounding bass & keys with a sort of funky techno style - quite synthetic
    > sounding. it didn't have as much vocals.
    > thanks for any ideas
    > p-d

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