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                            WHATNAUT PLAYLIST May 5/01
    Hosted and produced by Paul E. Lopes, mailto:whatnaut@sympatico.ca

                               Webcast on Illnoiz.com
                  Live Saturday Nights 7:00-10:00pm EST
                   ***ARCHIVED AND AVAILABLE 24/7!***

    Julie Dexter "The Plan" (Main Squeeze)
    Freestyle Man Feat. Wanda Felicia "Que Domingo (Nu Spirit Helsinki Remix)"
    Nine-Yards "Always Find A Way (Modaji Remix)" (n/a)
    Stephanie Mills "Put Your Body In It" (20th Century-Fox)
    Su-Paka-Pooh "Aya" (Flower)
    Hipnotic "Naima" (Laws Of Motion)
    Tuba "Plain Folks" (Hipbone)
    Marshall Jefferson Presents Truth "Open Our Eyes" (Big Beat)
    Jii Hoo "Let Me Luv U" (Hoo-Hou)
    * In Studio Guest DJ: A Man Called Warwick (Movement: Toronto,
    Canada) -amcwarwick@hotmail.com
    *Woza-Louis Moholo's Viva-La-Black-Ogun
    *Anxiety-Reg Tilsley And His Players-Apollo Sound
    *Verso Il Tramonto-International Panoramic-CML
    *Introduction To R & R And R & B-Ray Brown & Ed Thigpen-Sparton
    *Whatever Happened To Gus-Medeski, Martin & Wood-Blue Note
    *Cuban Lilt-Sperie Karas-Bosworth
    *Naga-Peddale-Cumbia Siglo XX-Machuca
    *When Ya Git Through Wit It Put It Back-The Blenders Ltd.-Grayslak
    *Hot Dog-New Master Sounds-Deep Funk
    *Wahoo, Wahoo, Wahoo-Wayne Carter-Mootrey's
    *Queen Of The Nile-Young-Holt Unlimited-Cotillion
    *Wheels-Frode Thingnaes-Polydor
    *Madrox-Big Band Katoujice-Muza
    *Mabusso-Orchester Ambros Seelos-Koch
    *Afro-Funk-William Brown-Tackle
    *Jug Head-The Equitables-Nu-Sound
    *Confessin' Love (I Swear Baby)-Rossised & His Group-Pathe
    *Do It, Baby-Suzan Codogan-Clocktower
    *Something Sweet-Rip 'N Lan-Crab
    *Noko Nfeemi (I'm Suffering)-Lantei Lamptey-African Music Explosion
    *Say Brother-The Stark Reality-Big Yellow
    *Days Got Bright-McKinley Mitchell-Big 3
    *Bad Mouth Woman-Wayne Carter-Mootrey's
    Afronaught "Transcend Me" (Apollo)
    KC Flightt Vs Funky Junction "Voices (PMT Remix)" (Hooj)
    Dan Curtin "Spaceman (Recloose Remix)" (Elypsia)
    Pascal & Livo & Mr Day "Vision Of A New World" (Rotax)
    Application By Village "Soft Lad" (Big Bear)
    Marcos Valle "O Indio E O Brasil" (Far Out)
    Stringtronic "Safari Park" (Chappell/Strut)
    Harrell & Sharron "Pease Porridge Hot" (Stones Throw)
    Ocho "Oriza" (Universal Jazz)

    We are looking for regular international guest DJs
    that fit in with Whatnaut, and what not.
    Submit your mixed CD, Minidisc or DAT.
    For info contact us: mailto:whatnaut@sympatico.ca


    May 10
    feat. DJs: gaDJet, Roland Deschamps, DJ Fase, Paul E. Lopes.
          Bands: Audiophiles, Shugga. Art: Jini
               @ Fez Batik Patio, 129 Peter St. www.soulwhat.cjb.net

    May 16
    feat. Denise Benson, Andrew Allsgood. Guest: Paul E. Lopes
            @ Gypsy Co-op, 817 Queen St. W.

    May 17
    feat. Andycapp. Guest: Paul E. Lopes
            @ DV8 Backroom, 228 Dundas St., London, Canada

    May 18
    feat. Andycapp. Guest: Paul E. Lopes
            @ DV8 Backroom, 228 Dundas St., London, Canada

    May 25
    LEVEL 101
    feat. Blueprint, Moreno, Paul E. Lopes. Hosted by Pedro Mondesir; Hot
    Stepper Prod.
             @ Una Mas, 422 Adelaide St. W.

    June 8
    'Good Music For Good People'
    feat. Dave DC Campbell and Paul E. Lopes
             @ Una Mas, 422 Adelaide St. W.

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     Paul E. Lopes c/o Whatnaut
     Victoria Terrace P.O. Box 62051
     Toronto, Ontario
     M4A 2W1

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