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Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 11:26:31 CEST

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    Hello, Alisin,

    Sorry for the delay. I hope you'll see this message.

    For what I've heard and experienced:

    =HK: Very Commercialized house. Agree with the other AJer.
    =Taiwan: Expensive admission. (15~40 CDN = 300~800 NT) Usually it's hard
    house. However, if you happen to go to a "meat-market" type of club, the music
    will be J-Lo and Ricky Martin. (not that I have anything against them) and you
    might see more white boyz and ...shievering from last Saturday...nyway, get a
    copy of "POTS", there are club & event listings.
    Best place to go: Taipei
    =Mainland China: I've never go clubbing there. But I heard 2 versions from my
    friends. Whether it's really good or it's really bad. However, the ppl are
    usually very nice there. Best place to go: Beijing, Shanghai.

    Japan: best place to go. Too many to name, the same, get a local listing. If
    you'll be in Tokyo. Don't miss UFO's regular nights at Yellow and Blue. Check
    there website for date:

    best luck,

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