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Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 03:09:12 CEST

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    Hey Girls and Boys,

    Got out last nite to see Thievery Corp & KnD @ the Roxy and here are my
    thoughts. First off let me say it was a real treat to meet another listee
    there yay! That said, let me also say that the Roxy is as schweet a spot as
    ever. They had all these screens w/ pretty colors, smoke and what not to
    appease those into the visual thing. Oh yeah, there was also a big screen
    as the back drop for the DJ;s which had all sorts of graphics ranging from
    mathematical equations to dancing teletubbies =]. The sound system was
    bangin as well. Aaanyway on to the music. Got there for the opener,
    unfortunately I don't know who he was.... maybe Ron Trent? But he pulled
    out some of the shikki's, Betcha and I'm not sure what else, which was nice,
    but then he would throw it all off w/ some kind of 4 on the floor
    stuff....nice enough though.

    Next up Thievery Corp. These guys rocked it most of the time *even though*
    they did play and excessive amount off the DJ please the crowd I
    guess. But over all I was happy w/ the mix of reggae, AJ, uhh alittle
    hip-hop. So I guess my only gripe was wanting to hear alittle more off tha
    hook AJ cuts...oh yeah that and the guy holding his cell phone up all night
    to record the show for...uh actually I don;t know *why* anyone would do such
    a silly thing. DUH!

    So Dorfmeister was next. He laid down some tripped out dub...ohh and the
    live singer was loco en la cabeza! That's good loco not bad. The sound was
    a bit on the loud side for my taste though. Hmm still maybe it's just
    personal taste but it drives me crazy when a DJ plays some sick shikkized
    supa dance trks and then drops some predictable or progressive sounding
    stuff. But I guess they can't all be gems.

    Kruder was last up, but it was getting late and we had to leave so I missed
    most of him. But we did get to hear Rainer Truby - Allegre before going,
    which was a nice enough way to end the night.

    So let's recap, overall a good night? yes.

    ....and now for the Herbert part of the post. I've had a chance to really
    listen to the Herbert album the last few days and it's seriously touching
    me. Her voice is sooo blue and meloncholy w/ a lovely piano providing the
    back drop. And just when I think I've got it figured out we go from slow
    and lonely w/ straight jazz sensebilities, in trk 5, to dance floor driving
    ballads like trk 14. It's just odd b/c it's off base from most of the other
    stuff I've been listening to lately. Maybe it's the slight ting of
    insanity, or maybe it's *actually* the lack of emotion in her voice
    especially on trks 1,2,3, and especially 7, but what ever it is it's
    intoxicating. Anyone else feelin these?


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