RE: Review KnD @ Roxy/Herbert

From: Aregood, Michael (
Date: Tue May 08 2001 - 21:13:33 CEST


    my 2cents

    > unfortunately I don't know who he was.... maybe Ron Trent? But he pulled
    > out some of the shikki's, Betcha and I'm not sure what else, which was
    > but then he would throw it all off w/ some kind of 4 on the floor
    > stuff....nice enough though.

    Apparently it was Dj Gamall. Other highlights included Afronaught -
    Transcend Me, Marc De Clive Lowe - Move on Up , new Tony Allen project
    Psycho on the Bus (which is sweet BTW!). Nice to hear some of that stuff on
    a rock star sound system like that.

    > Next up Thievery Corp. These guys rocked it most of the time *even
    > they did play and excessive amount off the DJ please the crowd
    > guess. But over all I was happy w/ the mix of reggae, AJ, uhh alittle

    They played essentially the same set as the last time they were in town, and
    it might as well have been a CD shuffler playing as far as the flow was
    concerned. I'm sorry man... people were having a good time and all, but
    these guys should be held to a higher standard considering the amount of
    money they probably walked away from that place with. Not impressed with
    your fancy hat dude, take some chances and break out some new (different)

    > personal taste but it drives me crazy when a DJ plays some sick shikkized
    > supa dance trks and then drops some predictable or progressive sounding
    > stuff. But I guess they can't all be gems.

    Yea i really liked the deep dubbed out head vibrating stuff Richard
    Dorfmiester was playing. The four to the floor stuff he played was nothing
    to write home about but IMO was pretty appropriate, he didn't stay out there
    too long and smoothed back into the dub thing like nobodys business. Very
    cool set.

    > Kruder was last up, but it was getting late and we had to leave so I
    > most of him.

    He rocked it with one of the new Vikter Duplaix Manhood remixes. HOT! cant


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